Meet This Special Dog Doing Special Things for Children

This incredible creature is a dog called Rowdy. Have you noticed Rowdy looks different to most other Labradors? Well I can tell you something, Rowdy doesn't care. Dogs can teach us many things and one of the most important lessons they can pass on is the value of being totally happy with who you are. Dogs are also fantastic for children. Rowdy is evidence of this.

"It is because of him that my little boy smiles again," so says the mother of one of the children with the condition vitiligo.

Carter is 8-years old. Ava is 10. They both have vitiligo and so does Rowdy. Now they've all gotten together to hang out and enjoy each other's company in Rowdy's hometown of Oregon, USA on the back of a crowd-funded project to make the meeting happen.

13-year old Rowdy has helped the children learn to love who they are and instilled them with more self-confidence.

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