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K9 Magazine Talks to Kristanna Loken

Kristanna Loken

Kristanna Loken was born in New York, and has spent much of her private life in the company of animals. She has spent much of her working life in the company of Hollywood’s most famous faces, having appeared in Terminator III, In The Name Of The King, with her latest film, the dark thriller BloodRayne out now. She spoke (at length) to K9 Magazine about her tumultuous life with dogs - this is the re-wind of our interview with the T3 star.

Kristanna Loken

Hello Kristanna, thank you for taking our 20 questions.

Tell us about your pets. Names, breeds and ages, I know you’re a huge animal lover.

Well I have a dog called Bobby, she’s around a year old. I found her when I was in Romania filming BloodRayne, I found her in the oldest medieval town in Europe. She was tiny, she could fit in the palm of your hand, she must have only been a couple of months old, and she was covered in fleas and maggots, she really wasn’t looking like she was going to make it. She travels everywhere with me from South Africa, to Vancouver – everywhere, she’s a very well travelled dog! Its funny you know, a lot of the other people in the production office all came back with an extra animal, Michael Madsen, Michelle Rodriguez, even our director was a huge animal lover, he came back with a dog too!

What films and projects are you currently working on?[premiumcontent] Many Thanks Kristanna

(Kristanna Loken was talking with K9 Magazine's Kim Bruce)

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