Keep Your Pet Safe This Easter

With Easter comes a lot to be thankful for. Whether you're a traditionalist and believe in the meaning behind the holiday, or simply enjoy the added time to spend at home with loved ones, as Spring begins it also brings with it it's own seasonal dangers to be aware of.

Research from Direct Line Pet Insurance out today has revealed just how concerned Britain's vets are about Easter and Spring and the impact on our beloved pets health with almost all vets surveyed (99%) claiming chocolate is still their biggest concern of the period.

Keep Your Pet Safe This Easter

Chocolate contains theobromine, which humans can easily metabolise. Dogs on the other hand, process it slowly and find it hard to break down allowing it to build up to toxic levels and can be fatal. Treatment for a dog ingesting chocolate is also costly, as you can imagine, costing an average of £222.68, however the cost of your dog's life as a result can surely have no price put on it.

According to 94 per cent of vets the pet insurer spoke to, the increased exposure to chocolate, hot cross buns and other harmful goods needs to be recognised by owners who could be unknowingly harming their dog.

Speaking of the findings Prit Powar, head of Pet Insurance at Direct Line said: “Spring is a great time for dog owners and with the longer days and nicer weather comes lovely walks in the sunshine. It’s impossible to keep an eye on your dog all the time, especially when they’re off the lead, but if you’re at all concerned that they’ve eaten a bulb, or something they shouldn’t, have, take them to the vet immediately just to be on the safe side.”

Take a look at our infographic below (click it to download) and share with friends and family to help keep more pets safe this Easter.

Keep Your Pet Safe This Easter


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