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20 Tips To Keep You & Your Dog in Shape

20 Tips To Keep You & Your Dog in Shape

As spring turns to summer many of us want to look and feel great. No flabby legs offending the neighbours, and no missing out on the fun because we can’t flip a Frisbee without needing the old oxygen mask.

We want out dogs to enjoy their summer too, no puffed out pooches struggling to keep up, or sun burned spaniels hiding under the brolly to make us feel bad, so read and enjoy our twenty health and fitness tips for you and your dog.

Doga! All the benefits of Yoga, suppleness, flexibility and muscle toning and dogs can join in too. Take your dog with you on that journey for internal peace. You can both hold the ‘mountain’, ‘lotus’ or ‘cobra’ position, but don’t forget to warm up first.

An excellent work out for both human and dog is a good old ‘tug-o-war’. Although usually spontaneous, a five minute session will burn off as many calories as a brisk fifteen minute walk. Use an old rag or t-shirt and go for it. It is best if you crouch down to start with to avoid bending the back improperly. Your dog will love this one, but make sure you win, or you could be saddled with a very cocky young pup!

20 Tips To Keep You & Your Dog in Shape

Short and often beats once a day. Walking the dog should never be a chore. Frequent, shorter walks are often more beneficial to you both than one long stroll a day.

Bringing your heart rate up regularly, increases cardio-vascular fitness. A two minute jog completed by a five minute stroll four times a day will get results pretty sharpish.
Make minor diet adjustments.

Replacing fizzy drinks with cordial will benefit a weight loss programme. Small changes that do not overhaul your lifestyle are easier to stick to. Changing an overweight dog’s portion size beats re-designing his whole diet plan.
Worming your pet is important all year round, however, for one hookworm in particular, Uncinaria stenocephala, there is a sharp rise from July to September. In heavily infested pups, it can have nasty results such as diarrhoea, anorexia and lethargy. By worming with Drontal every three months your pet will be protected.

Camp it up. A camping trip with your dog is fun and can [premiumcontent]

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