K9 Kitchen: Healthy Homemade Dog Treats (Part V)

Welcome to this, the fifth in our series on how to make your very own healthy homemade dog treat series where we show you how to make your very own tasty canine snacks. The recipes for dog treats on this page are fun to make and have your dog’s health in mind. It’s important that any additional food you provide for your dog is factored against what they would normally eat, so if you do offer your dog some of these tasty morsels remember to subtract an equivalent volume from their normal portion size of regular food.

Healthy dog treats

Cheese And Garlic Dog Cookies

1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 1/4 cups cheddar cheese -- grated
1/4 pound margarine -- corn oil
1 clove garlic -- crushed
1 Pinch salt

Cream the cheese with the softened margarine, garlic, salt, and flour. Add enough milk to form into a ball. Chill for 1/2 hour. Roll onto floured board. Cut into shapes and bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until slightly brown, and firm.

MAKES 2 to 3 dozen, depending on size.

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Cheese N Garlic Bites

1 cup wheat flour
1 cup cheddar cheese -- grated
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon butter -- softened
1/2 cup milk

Mix flour and cheese together. Add garlic powder and softened butter. Slowly add milk till you form a stiff dough. You may not need all of the milk. Knead on floured board for a few minutes. Roll out to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut into shapes and place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 350 degrees oven for 15 minutes. Let cool in oven with the door slightly open until cold and firm. Refrigerate to keep fresh.

Cheesey Dog Cookies

2 cups All-Purpose flour -- un-sifted
1 1/4 cups cheddar cheese -- shredded
2 cloves Garlic -- finely chopped
1/2 cup Vegetable oil
4 tablespoons Water -- (4 to 5)

Combine everything except water. Whisk in food processor until consistency of cornmeal. Then add water until mixture forms a ball. Roll it into 1/2" thickness and cut into shapes. Bake on ungreased cookie sheets about 10 min. (depending on size of shapes) at 400. Cool and store in refrigerator.

Cheesy Carrot Muffins

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 cup cheddar cheese -- Shredded
1 cup carrot -- grated
2 large eggs
1 cup milk

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a muffin tin or line it with paper baking cups. Combine the flours and baking powder and mix well. Add the cheese and carrots and use your fingers to mix them into the flour until they are well-distributed. In another bowl, beat the eggs. Then whisk in the milk and vegetable oil. Pour this over the flour mixture and stir gently until just combined. Fill the muffin cups three-quarters full with the mixture. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the muffins feel springy. Be sure to let the muffins cool before letting your dog do any taste testing! One muffin for medium to large dog, half a muffin for a toy or small dog.

Chewy Cheesy Chihuahua Pizza


2 cups cake flour
1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
1/4 cup olive oil
1 egg
1 cup water
1 teaspoon baking soda

Sauce & Toppings

1 tomato
1 cup tomato puree
1 clove garlic
1/4 cup parmesan cheese -- grated
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/2 teaspoon basil
2/3 cup cooked rice

CRUST: Mix all ingredients together. Knead on a lightly floured surface. Spray a regular sized, 12 " pizza pan with nonstick spray. Next, spread the dough to the edges of the pan, forming a lip around the ends. Set aside.

Sauce & Toppings: In a food processor, blend tomato, tomato puree and garlic. Spoon the mixture over the pizza crust. Sprinkle the cheese and spices evenly over sauce. Cut the pizza into slices with a pizza cutter or sharp knife.

Bake in a 325 degree oven for 25 minutes. Take out and sprinkle rice evenly over pizza. Return to oven and bake 25 minutes more.

Yield: one 12 inch pizza.

Chicken Flavoured Dog Biscuits

2 1/2 teaspoons dry yeast
1/4 cup warm water
1 teaspoon salt -- optional
1 egg
1 cup chicken broth -- slightly warmed
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup rye flour -- optional
1/2 cup cornmeal
1 cup cracked wheat
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water. Add salt, one beaten egg, and the warmed chicken broth. Add all flour except the all-purpose flour and mix well. Slowly add all-purpose flour until a stiff dough is formed and it can be kneaded by hand. Knead for only a couple minutes, just enough to get the dough to hold together.Roll out dough about 1/4" thick and cut with cookie cutters, Place biscuits on a large cookie tray and place directly in a 300 degree oven, they don't need to rise. Bake for 45 min. and then turn off the oven. You can let them sit in the oven overnight and in the morning they will be real hard and good for your dog's teeth. You could also vary this recipe by adding milk for a milk-bone type biscuit or shortening for a little extra fat. Try different liquids and even honey or molasses, Check with your veterinarian for any other nutritional suggestions.

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