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How Do The Experts Keep Their Dogs in Shape?

How Do The Experts Keep Their Dogs in Shape?

What you put into your dog reflects on the outside. Methods of enhancing a dog’s appearance to take it from a healthy looking dog to a stunning dog are what make the difference.

K9 Magazine has been out and asked some of the top dog experts about what THEY do to keep their dogs in the absolute peak of health and fitness!How Do The Experts Keep Their Dogs in Shape?

Linseeds sprinkled on to a dog’s food is a great way of promoting a glossy, even glassy coat. The coat is the first and most recognised marker of good health in a dog.

Considering diet, it is essential that it be taken into account that what works for one breed will do nothing for another breed. Age and sex also comes into the equation, older dogs require less fat, as do less active and smaller breeds.

All breed types will benefit from a balanced, tailored diet.

Virginia Dowty who has had her international and Gibraltar champion Bolognese, Shiarita Lolita for four years puts some of her success down to Lolita’s diet of “Royal Canin and Caesar, sometimes fresh cooked chicken or uncooked mince twice a day, one at 8am and then at 5pm.

I used a supplement of Hypercoat [premiumcontent]

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