Free Trial: Hill’s Science Diet Weight Loss System

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is known around the world for formulating pet foods to help dogs and cats achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Now the company’s team of veterinarians and nutrition specialists has come up with what they call a breakthrough – Hill’s Science Diet Weight Loss System. They’re excited about this product’s 94% success rate and pet owners reporting results in just 30 days.

Here are details about the product:

Free Trial: Hill’s Science Diet Weight Loss System

Hill’s gave the product to Alison Sweeney, host of “The Biggest Loser”, for free. She tried it and this is what she says it did for her dog:

Please contact us right away if you’d like to try this product and see for yourself what it can do. We only have a few left to give away free and as you might guess – they’re going fast!


  1. I would like to try this diet for on daschund. Please let me know if you still have any available.

    Thank you,

  2. We have two Great Pyrenes/Border Collie cross from the same litter. Both are on meds for seizure disorder. Linus is a huge dog anyway, He weighs about 170 Lbs, should be 130-140 Lbs. Lucy is about 85 Lbs and should be about 70 Lbs
    The phenibarb has made Linus gain weight and lost some muscle tone. He is having a hard time getting up off the floor and it would be helpful if he lost some weight.

    Thanks for your consideration,


  3. Hello,

    Since being spayed eight months ago our beautiful 4.5yr old black lab Poppie has gone from a trim 31kg to a somewhat portly 38kg, despite having been fed another brand’s light food for the past six months and having had regular exercise. I’m seeking another method to try to help Poppie regain her waistline in time for summer so that we can enjoy a long and healthy life together and I would be much obliged if we could be considered for the free trial.

    Many thanks,


  4. I would be grateful if we could try this. My dog needs to lose around 1kg and was considering the Hills brand to try to achieve this. Please contact me if you would consider sending us one of the trial packs. Many thanks.

  5. My dog is getting a roll around her shoulder and hips. I know that she needs to loose about 5 lbs. She is 6yrs and I don’t want her to carry this weight as she gets older.
    I would really lke to be able to try this product. Thank you for your consideration.

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