Why You Shouldn’t Use A Dog Trainer (Yet)

Bad canine behaviour is often the difference between a content owner and a stressed out owner. Guess what, your dog is probably stressed out too, otherwise he wouldn't be misbehaving. But if you're thinking about calling in the dog trainer, think again. There are plenty of good reasons to do this, but not until you've done one key thing.

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and ask: "Am I doing all I can to keep my dog stimulated?" If you answer "no", or even pause before you answer "yes" - then this Special Report will save you money because it's all about the bit in between realising your dog is not a well-behaved dog and calling for help.

Why You Shouldn't Use A Dog Trainer (Yet)

Mike Deathe is an experienced and well-respected dog trainer. But even the most experienced trainers and dog owners can make mistakes - as Mike found out recently. Fortunately for us, Mike relishes learning from his mistakes. He puts them on his blog and shares them with us at K9 Magazine. Mike is honest enough to admit that as a dog trainer, there is not a lot of use in him visiting a dog until the owner has addressed a few key problems for themselves. Otherwise, he'll be charging you for the privilege of telling you a few very simple things.

In this Special Report:

  • Revealed - Why the dog is like a pressurised system and how you can keep that system stable. It's very easy for it to blow.
  • Discover why even the most dedicated dog owners are not doing enough to stimulate their pet.
  • Learn how two very simple steps can drastically alter your quality of life as a dog owner... and your dog's quality of life.
  • Find out exactly what triggers digging, barking, pulling on leash: It's incredibly simple.
  • Save money on expensive trainer consultations. They'll only tell you what's in this special report before they come and see you. This is coming from a dog trainer.

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Why You Shouldn't Use A Dog Trainer (Yet)

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