Ex-Sugababe Heidi Range Gushes About Her Pug in Chat With Celeb Friends

Now, we all love our pets and we've no doubt all has these conversations with friends where we've been recalling a particular memory and moment in time but it's nice to know celebrities have the same thoughts and conversations.

In a video filmed with pal Kate Thornton, who recently launched, Heidi gushes about her Pug, Bettie, telling the TBSeen family how moving in with her fiance has meant (him) adapting to Bettie's bedroom presence and how the word 'pyjamas' can stop Bettie mid-tailspin.

So, there you have it - celebrities ARE just like us! Check out for cash back offers, special pet deals (such as 5% cash back at Waitrose Pet) and more fun (or controversial) webisodes from the girls.




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