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Meet the Dogs who Don’t Like Cricket, Oh No – They Love it!

Meet the Dogs who Don't Like Cricket, Oh No - They Love it!
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To celebrate The Ashes taking place at home this Summer, we've found some of the dogs who don't like cricket, oh no, they love it (as the song goes).

Read on to watch dogs joining in on the cricketing action and who'd love a call up to the Canine All Star Cricket team.

1. The dog who makes an excellent wicket keeper!

2. The dog who is a fielding pro.

3. The dog who'll make you shout 'howzat' more often that the opposition would like!

4. This dog is undoubtedly coach material, if there's a job opening anywhere.

Or if you need a dog to interrupt play, it's all about the tactics after all, give this dog a call...

Or this one...


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