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Dogrobes Gauntlets Review: Something for the Autumn Months?

Almost a year ago, Dogrobes kindly sent Mia, now nearly 14-years-old, a teal Dogrobe to wear. The idea being that we could get her dry quicker during the winter and spring months, and give her an extra layer to keep her ageing bones warm when needed.

It was a gorgeous colour and quite frankly, and completely biasedly, she looks fabulous. The quality of the cotton fabric was soft but absorbent, it was nice and lightweight and being handmade, it was tailored to her measurements (including an opening for her harness).

So when Dogrobes told us they were launching some new Gauntlet drying gloves (£20.95) and wanted to send us a pink pair I said 'yes please'. They had me at pink, to be honest.

My boys Chris and Danny have to put up with my love of pink, but if you prefer a more neutral shade, you'll be a fan of the burgundy, grey or navy options - there are lots of colour options, including teal and red.

The gauntlets are super absorbent and come in one size and are designed to be able to be pulled over jacket sleeves.

The quality of the stitching is great too, just what you'd expect from Dogrobes and essentially, given their job, they wash brilliantly at 40°C.

I have three dogs, that's 12 muddy paws, 16 if I add the cat into the mix, 18 if I consider my own feet and 20 if I include my husband. The fact I know all of this tells you all you need to know really, so my pair of gauntlets lie on top of multiple towels that live in the basket that sits by our backdoor to trap muddy feet.

I'll be honest, my dogs love a towel rub down and wriggle around as they are dried off, so I've found myself reaching for the gauntlets over the towels to dry Mia, Chris and Danny off. Aside from the fact they love it, I know I can hold their collar to keep them standing still while I dry them off (and prevent the muddy paws running onto the cream carpet).

Many thanks to Dogrobes for sending us their new Gauntlets for review. Mia, Chris and Danny say thanks too!



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