Best Dog Health Products: Under the Spotlight

Every month, we set out to find new pet products to share. This month, guided by our very own review dogs Mia, Chris and Danny, we decided to find some of the best dog health products on the market which aim to keep dogs healthy and happy on the inside and out.

Here are four products we've discovered and think you need to know about, whatever your dog's age.

For Older Dogs:

VetSpec SuperLite Senior Formula

Why we love: A complex veterinary specification supplement within a delicious cereal-grain-free, super premium, complete dog food containing 50% chicken with added vegetables and herbs.

Best Dog Health Products: Under the Spotlight

It provides optimum nutrition to support a healthy immune system and maintain healthy joints but with fewer calories for older, less active dogs. Wheat gluten-free with no added colours, preservatives or artificial flavours.

Priced from £14.95 (2kg) or £54.95 (12kg)


To Keep Pet Beds Hygienically Clean:

Vamoosh – Pet Hair Dissolver

Why we love: Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver is the revolutionary new way to wash pet bedding/towels in the washing machine.

Best Dog Health Products: Under the Spotlight

Vamoosh’s clever patent pending formula dissolves pet hair during the washing cycle, so that the hair washes away, leaving pet bedding and appliances hair-free and hygienically clean. Vamoosh! And the hair disappears!

Price £9.99 (for 4 sachets of Vamoosh)


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Have you heard about...?

Best Dog Health Products: Under the Spotlight

For Dogs With Sensitive Tummies:

Scrumbles Daring Dogs for Small and Medium Breeds

Why we love: Scrumbles help cats and dogs lead happier lives with yummy good food that doesn’t cost the earth. Each recipe is carefully tailored and packed with up to 77% chicken – scrumbilicious!

Best Dog Health Products: Under the Spotlight

Hypoallergenic, gluten free with added probiotics, Scrumbles is perfect for sensitive tummies. Plus 10% of Scrumbles profits go to charities.

Price £11.49


For Dogs With Mobility Problems:

Help’EmUp™ Harness

Why we love: This harness is one of the best products in the dog health sector that we’ve found.

Over the last month Mia has been recovering from an injury, which combined with arthritis, was quite a struggle. Without this harness, her recovery would have been much slower.

Best Dog Health Products: Under the Spotlight

Available in sizes x-small to x-large, the harness has two parts to it essentially and this is so that whether your dog needs extra help and support to their front or rear-end or both, you’re covered.

Best Dog Health Products: Under the Spotlight

Best Dog Health Products: Under the Spotlight

If your dog has mobility problems of any kind, from arthritis to more serious issues such as Degenerative Myelopathy, then this harness is definitely worth reading about.

Priced from £58.33 exc VAT


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