Countdown to Christmas advent calendar: Day 2

Christmas is coming and K9 Magazine is here to bring you Day 2 of our 15 day mini advent calendar giving you a chance to win a bundle of goodies worth more than £150 for you and your dog.

Today's question...

What was the name of this dog who changed the face of the world as we know it:

Without his beloved canine sidekick (?), Alexander the Great might have been Alexander the Average. When the formidable leader was overwhelmed by the army of Persia’s Darius III, Alexander’s faithful companion is said to have leapt and attacked an elephant that was in the process of leading a charge against his master.

Alexander subsequently survived the onslaught and lived to pursue his now immortal conquests. Western civilisation as we know it could have been altered immeasurably had that dog not risked its own life to save that of its illustrious master.

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Countdown to Christmas advent calendar: Day 2

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