Does Your Dog Secretly Hate it When You Do This?

Canine body language is fairly easy to read, right?

I know most dog owners believe they have a good idea of what their dogs do and don't like. But how true is that, asks Ryan O'Meara.

Many of us recognise the really obvious signals our dogs display. Happiness, excitement, fear, displeasure and so on, but how well do we do when it comes to the really subtle, almost invisible little traits that they use to signify how they feel about something?

You might have a dog that truly does enjoy being cuddled. It would be rare though, according to some research findings which have recently been revealed.

Does Your Dog Secretly Hate it When You Do This?

What's that? Most dogs DON'T enjoy cuddles?

But don't be alarmed, there's not really any hard evidence on that claim. So ignoring, for a moment, the notion that various commentators are arguing that dogs don't enjoy a cuddle, just ask yourself this; would you be able to tell if your dog really did enjoy being wrapped in your arms or if they were merely tolerant of it? Would you know? For sure?

Dog body language is such that the average person, with no formal study, can get a great sense of what it is that dogs do and don't like. That's part of the reason why dogs are so popular. We feel like we understand them. Many centuries of domestication and selective breeding contribute to that too.

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Have you heard about...?

Does Your Dog Secretly Hate it When You Do This?

There's no doubt that those people who have studied many dogs over many years get a great insight in to the subtleties of lots of dog body language. The little, almost indistinguishable flicks of the ears, tongue movement, head position or eye contact. So here's an interesting little video that I thought you might like to see. It asks the question: Does your dog really like to be petted?

Have a look for yourself and reach your own conclusions.

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  1. My dog Hectic, (he is a Great Dane) loves hug and cuddles. When I go to bed, I lie on my side on the edge of the bed, hold my arms in a circle and he walks into my arms for a goodnight hug. He is very much a social butterfly. At any markets or fairs, we are stoped countless times for hugs, kisses, pats and photos. He shows no sign of stress or annoyance and all with a wag of his tail. We walk 6ks every morning through the Main Street and along the beach, so he meets lots of people every day. He is a rockstar here where we live, every body knows and loves him.

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