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Could This Paw Shaped Dog Bed Be What You’ve Been Looking For?

When it comes to choosing your dog's bed, what's the biggest priority for you? Is it the design? Is it the fabric? Is it the cost? Or is it a combination of everything?

I have three dogs and a cat. My cat, known as Catface, is relevant to the story because she uses the dog beds, sometimes meaning the dogs can't actually get into the bed and Catface has no intention of moving.

My three dogs range in age and size, although size is relative as they're all large dogs. Mia is the oldest at 11, and smallest of the group. Christopher is the youngest at 3 years old and Danny is the middle-dog by age but tallest of the gang.

Over the last three years, the boys have learnt where they sleep is dictated largely by Mia. It's like Piccadilly Circus at night time with the boys rotating to suit Mia's demands.

She likes to sprawl out. She spends a large percentage of her day upside down and at night time it's no different so she needs a solid bed, one with structure around the edges to keep her inside and the support her frame needs while her dreams take her off into the forest as fast as her legs, dancing in the air, can take her.

Chris is a floater. He doesn't actually care where he sleeps as long as he's near you, which is lovely until he wakes you - and himself - up howling in your ear.

Danny is a creature of habit. He always goes to the same bed each night. It's been part of the routine he established for himself when he first arrived three years ago and he makes sure at the very least he starts and ends the night in the same bed.

However, he also tends to wreck any bed he finds himself in and he's willing to sleep on less padding if he can shift some of it to sit under his chin instead.

I admit that it has crossed my mind more than once that the mountain he tends to end up creating from his deconstructed bed could be an attempt to block himself in from Mia, but I actually think he just wants to give himself a chin rest.

He seems to prefer upper body comfort to anything else. But he thrashes his beds with such gusto that he needs a pretty tough bed to deal with it.

Each of my dogs has a different bed need and when I'm choosing their new beds I try to keep all of this in mind and balance it with the style and space I have at home, as well as weighing up the cost vs life expectancy.

Recently, we were given the chance to review a bed from luxury bed maker, Scruffs. I have long been a fan of their collections and for an even longer time been an admirer of their massive Grizzly Bear Bed after seeing it in a photoshoot with Gemma Merna's dogs for K9 Magazine, so when I was given the chance to review their Cub Bear Dog Bed, the smaller sibling of larger paw bed, I jumped at the chance.

The Scruffs® Cub Bear Dog Bed Review

Designed for smaller dogs than the long-established Grizzly Bear Paw Bed, the Cub Bear Dog Bed (£119.99) is made from plush faux fur with a faux suede centre cushion.

There are two colour options: Teddy Bear and Brown Bear and it measures 85x85x36cm in size.

The bottom of the bed has a non-slip base which is ideal for hard floors, like mine, and the cushioning around the back and sides has been one of the dogs favourite features. It's their go-to place for a curl up. Mia has attempted the upside down acrobat sleep too but seemed more comfortable in the curled up position where she could take advantage of the raised, cushioned sides for resting her chin.

The centre cushion has a nice plump feeling and the cover is machine washable, always helpful with dogs, especially multiple dogs (and boisterous boys) in the home!

The paw stitching in the middle matches the Scruffs logo emblazoned on the back. A lot of attention to detail and thought has gone into making the bed, and the end result is a real luxury dog bed.

I love the look of this bed, it immediately makes me want to touch the faux fur cushioning and get comfortable myself with a faux fur throw on the sofa.

The framework around the bed is actually a really nice mix of soft and sturdy - ideal for chin resting - and gives me the impression it will be around for a long time, even with three dogs each taking their turn to snooze.

What I would really love as an option is an alternative cushion for the centre, one made of memory foam perhaps or one similar to the Scruffs ArmourDillo Robust bed, which has a foam core with memory foam topping. This would have made the bed perfect for Mia as an older dog and the extra support from the foam on certain days, especially colder, winter days, would be much appreciated.

As it is, I love the bed, it fits in perfectly at home - my home is an old cottage with exposed beams and brickwork with modern twists in places - and my dogs love it. It's not been claimed by one dog, but all three.

Although if Mia wants it at any given time, it's hers. Like everything.

How Good Is the Scruffs Cub Bear Dog Bed?
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