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Coping With A Boisterous Dog

Coping With A Boisterous Dog

I'll be honest. As someone who's spent a lot of time training working dogs there's not much that makes me heart go giddy more than a really active, one might say, boisterous dog. I love a dog who charges about the place, pulls on the lead and has an unending supply of energy. I do, however, appreciate that in the pet dog home a hyper-active, boisterous dog can be a problem. So here's our top 5 tips on how to better manage the behaviour of a naturally boisterous dog.

5) Mental stimulation is very important to most dogs but for some it can be the deciding factor between them living a happy fulfilled life or being a strain on their owner’s health! If you decide to own a breed which is known to need lots of mental stimulation as much as physical exercise you absolutely must be in a position to give it or the dog may become a genuine problem in the home through no fault of their own.

Coping With A Boisterous Dog

[premiumcontent] Look for a dog training club or get together with some friends and make dog training a part of your and your dog’s life – you’ll find it rewarding and stimulating and you’ll live with a much more contented canine companion as a result.

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