The CLIX CarSafe Harness – How Good Is It?

Making sure your dog is happy and safe while travelling with you in the car can be a weight off. If you know they're secure and safe, yet happy and comfortable, it means you can concentrate on your journey ahead much easier. That's why our latest reviewer, Layla Flaherty, jumped at the chance to review the CLIX CarSafe harness for us with Buttons, her 3 1/2 year old Yorkshire Terrier.

We first met Buttons last year during the duo's photoshoot for K9 Magazine (you can read and see more here) and with Layla's new business venture Urban Paws taking off at full speed, Buttons is by Layla's side as she travels around.

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What is the CLIX CarSafe Harness?

Available through The Company of Animals, who have a reputation of creating and distributing innovative products to help better the lives of pets, the CLIX CarSafe harness was designed by Dr Roger Mugford to provide safety and comfort for your dog, both in the car and while out walking.

The ‘X-Cross’ design feature which covers the dog's chest, provides a comfortable and ergonomic fit, while making sure the harness remains in place to best protect.

The harness is made from safety-standard seat-belt material and has been designed in a continuous loop, to ensure that should the worst happen and you're involved in an accident, that the maximum strength of the material will show its worth.

Here's more about the harness from it's creator...

So, how did it fair in reality?

Layla says...

Buttons is my main passenger for day to day travelling sitting alongside me. I have a two-seater car, so unfortunately I have no back seats to restrain Buttons for his safety on any car journey we take, and like most people I am always in a mega rush to get to from A-B as quickly as possible.

Over the years I've noticed that all Buttons wants to do is look out the window and observe life as it passes us by, but a sudden turn left or right and he slides off the front seat or he’s gripping for dear life so he doesn’t fall. I decided this couldn’t go on any longer, for his safety and mine I thought enough, I need to look into getting a doggy seat belt, but did they even exist I wondered??

The guys at K9 Magazine recommended the small CarSafe harness (priced at £11.62 on Amazon) and I must say I was instantly impressed. The day it arrived I wasted no time in trying it out on Buttons.

The CLIX CarSafe Harness - How Good Is It?

My first impressions were that the harness is very easy to assemble and allows easy adjustment to fit your dog's shape and size.

The CLIX CarSafe Harness - How Good Is It?

Thanks to its double-sided adjustable buckles; the harness clips together without the need to lift the dog’s legs. The harness just slides over the dogs head, you clip the buckles either side and then securely attach by either plugging straight into the seat-belt socket or slide the seat-belt through the extended handle. The whole process took a matter of seconds!

The CLIX CarSafe Harness - How Good Is It?

The harness looked comfortable on Buttons and I especially liked the in-built soft padding on the harness to protect the most delicate areas of his body. The material of the harness feels very strong and secure allowing me to drive with peace of mind and knowing Buttons was comfortable and safe. Buttons remained sitting comfortably in the front seat for the entire journey (which is a first!) but could still move slightly, which is good because like most dogs he loves people watching on any car journey, so even though he was restrained he still wasn’t missing out watching the world as we drove by.

When I first said 'yes please' to reviewing, I didn't realise that the harness doubled up as another accessory; it can also be used as a harness while out walking, so when out of the car simply attach a lead onto the harness making it and ideal accessory to use when you get out of the car at your destination without having to take the harness off and swap to something else, before swapping again when you get back to the car for the journey home.

Due to the soft reinforced padding over the chest area, it gives extra control whether while driving and you want him to be safe, or while out walking.

The CLIX CarSafe Harness - How Good Is It?

The verdict

All in all, the harness was a success for walking as much as for travelling. Buttons didn’t choke whilst pulling on the lead (as he often does with initial excitement on a walk) and I found this harness a lot better than another harness previously used.

I was extremely happy with the harness for its unique design, comfort, safety element, ease of use whether in the car or out and about, and overall value for money. I would highly recommend to any dog owner.

Available in four sizes (extra small, small, medium and large), it's available to buy online here.

Many thanks to the Company of Animals for sending Buttons a harness to review! Find out more about the harness and it's sizes at

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