9 Out Of 10 Dogs Love Butcher’s!

It’s official! Britain’s dogs love Butcher’s. 100 dogs from across the nation participated in the Butcher’s 10-Day Taste Challenge in October where owners swapped their pet’s normal meals for a variety of recipes from Butcher’s and shared how they got on.

The results certainly speak for themselves with 9 out of 10 owners confirming that their “dogs love Butcher’s”, devouring the meaty recipes on offer.

Dogs loved Butcher’s so much that almost 9 out of 10 (81%) owners said they would continue to feed their dog Butcher’s and 86% said they were happy to recommend it to other owners.

9 Out Of 10 Dogs Love Butcher’s! 9 Out Of 10 Dogs Love Butcher’s! 9 Out Of 10 Dogs Love Butcher’s!

Teddy, K9 and Bruno, pictured above, took part in the Challenge, learn more about them here

The first national Challenge of its kind in the UK, the 10-Day Taste Challenge saw owners swap their usual dog food for delicious meals made with fresh, meaty natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings for 10 consecutive days. Proof is an empty bowl, with 74% being licked clean, and the appearance of the dogs, with 8 out of 10 owners giving their dogs 8 or above (out of 10) for a very shiny coat and bright eyes.

Lucy Weston, owner of German Shepherd, Pickle who also took part in the Challenge, comments: “Butcher’s gets 10 woofs out of 10 from Pickle! People have commented on the improvement they have seen in him saying how healthy he looks and that his coat is really shiny. Pickle’s dad, Cracker, felt left out so we involved him in the Challenge too, therefore it’s 100% approved by two generations!”

9 Out Of 10 Dogs Love Butcher’s!

Butcher’s offers a range of meaty natural dog food in a can or a foil tray and in a variety of delicious recipes. It can be fed as a main meal on its own or as a tasty meaty topping to a dry meal. Each recipe of Butcher’s provides a 100% complete dinner – every recipe has been developed with leading nutritionists so owners can be sure their dog is getting all the meaty proteins, vitamins and minerals they need to be as Fit as a Butcher’s Dog™. What’s more, they are made with fresh, meaty natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings, with no fillers such as soya or wheat, so they are wheat gluten free too. A bowl of Butcher’s has everything a dog needs and nothing it doesn’t!

See if your dog loves Butcher’s too!

Butchers dog food range

For more information on the 10-Day Taste Challenge and Butcher’s Pet Care, visit our website www.butcherspetcare.co.uk or like our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/butcherspetcare

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