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Dog Food Reviews

Choosing The Right Dog Food – What Does Your Dog Need?

Choosing The Right Dog Food - What Does Your Dog Need?

Having trouble choosing what food will give your dog all they need to keep them happy and healthy? Let K9 Magazine guide you through some of the best foods we've found and tried.

Ideal for Sensitive Dogs

Pure Pet Food’s Chicken Dinner – Wheat, grain, yeast, gluten and cereal free, this naturally dehydrated dog food is made using only the best human grade ingredients. Providing a perfect source of fibre, vitamins and minerals with a more moderate level of protein and calories, it’s less likely to cause any flare ups making it ideal for sensitive dogs.

Choosing The Right Dog Food - What Does Your Dog Need?

Price £9.99

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Great for Small or Less Active Dogs

Nutriment Light –  Low in fat and protein, this ‘Light’ food has been specially formulated for small dogs, or those who are less active. Perfectly-balanced it can also be ideal for those dogs whose eyes are bigger than their bowls, to ensure that they can continue to eat sensibly if they’re on a restricted diet.

Choosing The Right Dog Food - What Does Your Dog Need?

Priced from £1.25 (200g) – £2.15 (500g tub)

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Ideal for Dogs Who Need Extra Joint Care

Heights Farm Salmon & Potato Extra Joint Care – Formulated for all adult dog breeds using natural ingredients, this food is hypoallergenic, rich in vitamins and Omega3 fatty acids. It also uniquely includes ‘Joint Aid’ featuring clinically proven Green Lipped Mussel and Glucosamine as an added source of extra joint care. Available in Chicken and Lamb flavours for variety.

Choosing The Right Dog Food - What Does Your Dog Need?

Price £30.83 (exc. VAT)

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Perfect for Puppies

Natural Instinct’s Puppy – A complete, balanced raw food for puppies aged eight weeks and older. This food includes more nutrients and a higher percentage of protein than the adult Chicken range to give growing puppies all they need.

Choosing The Right Dog Food - What Does Your Dog Need?

Priced from £2.95 (1kg) – £3.45 (2 x 500g)

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Tune in next month to read more reviews and recommendations! But if we can tempt you in the meantime, here's our recommendation for a new dog bowl - these stainless steel dog bowl holders and wall mounted raised dog bowls make an ideal addition to any dog's home.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Naomi Teeter

    March 23, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    Great dog food ideas! I’m always looking for new, healthier options for my two aging chihuahuas. I wonder if any of these brands are available in the United States?

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