The Best Black Friday Deals We’ve Found for Dogs

It’s nearly here! Black Friday - the day of the year shopaholics and bargain hunters look forward to and Cyber Monday stretches the holiday sale season out for a little longer too, doesn’t it.

I love buying presents. Whether it’s something serious or funny (I recently sent my brother in Australia three cans of Irn-Bru and some retro chocolates and crisps from our childhood to make him laugh), I enjoy the process of deciding what someone might like and seeing their reaction when they open.

The Best Black Friday Deals We’ve Found for Dogs

But I have to admit that in the past I’ve used Black Friday as a good excuse for one last hoorah of the year, treating myself and my pets usually, before I start to think about Christmas gifts for my friends and family.

K9 Magazine will update this page as more offers are released that we think you need to know about.

But to kickstart Black Friday week off, here’s my favourite offer so far for an Amazon number 1 best selling product that I think you need to know about - and I say this knowing I have the full backing of my three dogs, Mia, Danny and Chris, who own and love this product.

Could this be the best Black Friday deal for dogs?

The Furbo Dog Camera is one of three pet cameras in my home and it’s pretty special. With this Black Friday deal, you can get an extra £50 off!

Here are a few of the Furbo's features and why I think your dog will love it too.

The Best Black Friday Deals We’ve Found for Dogs

My oldest dog loves her pet treat cam.

It keeps Mia alert - and she’s pretty greedy so anything that dispenses treats is going to be a winner. But her competitive spirit kicks in when the treats fly out and she has to do battle to win as many as she can.

The Best Black Friday Deals We’ve Found for Dogs

My brother in law lives a few hours away and loves to use the pet treat cam.

He shares our log in details regularly calls in to keep in touch with our dogs to feel connected and share the fun technology with his friends, usually when he’s in a bar.

My rescue dog has benefited enormously.

Danny suffers from separation anxiety and we take as many steps as we can to help him feel calm when we are away from home, but when we’re not there, we can’t tell how he reacts.

Because of the two-way audio microphone, Furbo tells us when he’s barking and we can call in, he can hear our voices and we can calm him down, reward him with some treats - and it genuinely works. He stops barking and doesn’t restart (I know this because I don't get any more alerts).

The Best Black Friday Deals We’ve Found for Dogs

This pet treat cam isn’t a fad, you’ll find yourself using it over and over again, and be so pleased you have it in your life. As will your dog.

Get yours for £149 this Black Friday here using coupon code ‘k9magazine149’ (don't forget this code to get your Furbo for £149 instead of £199 or the usual price of £249)

Redeem Furbo's Black Friday Deal Here


This Black Friday offer has been brought to you by Furbo Dog Camera.

Read more about the Furbo Dog Camera and shop online here

The Best Black Friday Deals We’ve Found for Dogs

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