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barf for dogs

The process of evolution tells us that dogs developed as carnivores. Wolves are still carnivores and relatively, dogs were still wolves until very recently. So in theory shouldn’t our dogs still be strict carnivores craving protein and fibre and dreaming about hunks of juicy beef?

barf for dogs

The majority of people still view the dog as a solely carnivorous feeder, but in reality the modern dog is a versatile and healthy eater. The needs of the dog have changed since his domestication; as a consequence so have his dietary needs. Most dogs have swapped the baron fields of Europe for the comfort of a basket or bed in a heated house.


Specialist Raw Diet Supplier Profile: Basils Dog Food @

Basils Dog Food is a healthy appetising raw dog food (BARF) containing only the best and freshest meat, vegetables and bone, conveniently minced together.The meat is all sourced from UK Farms and is fit for human consumption. It is then processed in a licensed factory by master butchers.

We believe that a balanced raw diet has many benefits which include a glossy coat, cleaner teeth and breath, improved digestion, increased energy and better overall health.

With added seasonal vegetables, Basils Dog Food provides a balanced, nutritional, complete diet. Although Basils forms the cornerstone of your dog’s diet, it can be complimented with mixers and treats.

Basils Dog Food is frozen in tubes and delivered to your door. With ingredients bought at the best price and supplied directly from the manufacturer, the savings are passed on to you.

The convenience for you the owner, combined with the quality of the food, makes Basils a unique and affordable appetising dog food.

Mixed Variety Boxes (Chicken, Beef, Lamb) from

Dr Atkins & Your Dog

Priced from £21.60 (12 packs/6kg) – £39.96 (24 packs/12kg)

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Dr Atkins & Your Dog

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