Are Monthly Dog Goody Boxes Good Value for Money?

We've been lucky to try out a few of the monthly goody boxes designed for dogs over the years and have enjoyed seeing what each month brings, but you do sometimes wonder if the excitement which you feel comes from the anticipation of something arriving, something you hope your dog will love and enjoy, rather than the reality of the boxes themselves. So was this the case for us this time? Read on to find out.

Animalbox, a company well established in France, has now arrived in the UK and to celebrate the launch of their Pawsomebox website they kindly sent our three reviewers, Mia, Christopher and Danny a box each to review. Before we received, we had to tell them our dogs ages, breeds (for size) and names.

This gave them the chance to tailor the boxes to our dog's based on their criteria and needs, we received a puppy box for Christopher for example, and this detail is something we've found unique to the Pawsomeboxes when comparing to the reviews we've carried out of other monthly goody boxes, so we were off to a good start.

Based in France, the boxes took a few days to arrive which makes you feel the world isn't such a large place after all. Standard delivery is through Royal Mail with boxes expected to reach its recipients between 20th-25th of the month if you're a subscriber.

We unopened our package to reveal four boxes inside. One for each of our dogs and a fourth for our cat, Buster (you can read her review on  All four boxes cost £19.90 individually without subscription.

Now, onto the boxes themselves...

Mia chose, with a nudge of the nose, her preferred box. This included a baseball chew, a nobbly wobbly colourful toy, a squeaky hot dog, two packs of treats - some bacon strips and some Mutt & Jeff chicken bites, as well as a collar led light to prepare for the darker nights.

After inspecting, with Christopher close at hand incase needed, she chose her favourite treat...

Danny's box included a plush Regal toy which he and Christopher will no doubt enjoy playing tug-o-war with, a spikey bouncy chewing ball (and boy does it bounce!), two sets of treats - some Nom dog biscuits and a pack of 8in1 chicken and carrot treats (gluten free), as well as a microfibre towel for that all important drying off session after a day at the beach. There was also an Easy-Tie, which is something you can use to create a lock almost without taking your dog's collar or lead off. I'm pretty sure I won't use this, although others might.

He chose his favourite toy...

Christopher's box was tailored for him as a youngster and as such it included some Advance puppy sensitive food, a Camon red rubber bone toy designed to stuff treats into, perfect for those who love to chew, a plush toy and some Flamingo dental spray for healthy teeth and gums. It also included some chicken treats and a plastic container for storing dog treats, or anything else you might prefer, in.

He chose his favourite item straight away...

Mia couldn't help but give Christopher a helping hand to check his box thoroughly (fair's fair)...

All under the watchful gaze of Danny...

Once everyone had investigated their individual boxes, it was time to join forces and have some fun.

Mia settled down with the baseball chew from her box. She spotted it instantly and made a beeline when the reviews began.

Christopher and Danny began testing and playing with the toys, before attempting to steal each others.

Many thanks to Animalbox for our Pawsomeboxes!

Visit the Pawsomebox website to find out more about the company, find out what was in past boxes and to start your free trial here:



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