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Abi Titmuss Talks To K9 Magazine

Abi Titmuss Talks To K9 Magazine

Abi Titmuss is a British personality known for modelling, TV roles and most recently acting. Having been acting for five years, she's set to break the LA scene with a busy year ahead. Some people may feel they know Abi from her time in the spotlight.

Here Kim O'Meara uncovers the true Abi, her love of dogs and in particular one special man who stole her heart a year ago.

Tell us about your dog, Danny - we'd like to know everything about him!

He's a cross-breed and he just turned 1 on New Year's Day. He's a really playful dog, a real live wire! He loves lots of fuss and cuddles and gets on really well with other dogs. He's a little timid of children so I'm walking him past the schools every day now to try and get him used to them.

I got him from the Dogs Trust in West London and I knew at the start of last year that I was going to have a block of 3 months free so knew I wanted to get a dog and would have the time then to settle a new dog in properly.

When I went to look around I primarily thought I'd want an older dog, and to be honest didn't think I'd see puppies in rescues, but I had a look around and didn't see a dog that was right for me. Then on my way out I walked past an area that had puppies in. I had a look and saw Danny's litter. Abi Titmuss Talks To K9 Magazine

They had come in from Northern Ireland and had spent a couple of nights outside before being brought in by some local people. He had 5 litter mates, maybe more, but they weren't too well when they came in because of their rough start.

When I saw Danny and his litter they were around 6-8 weeks old at the time and still being treated to get better.

I went home and did lots of research, went on sites such as and read lots more books about choosing a puppy. I went back in to see Danny and his litter everyday for the next 3 weeks. I felt it was such an important decision I needed to read as much as I could and going regularly I was able to take the points I'd read, such as in Dr Bruce Fogle's book he talks about finding a healthy dog, not one that's overly yappy, not one that's too nervous.

I spotted Danny the first time I went and I still felt he was the one for me so I took him out every day and watched him playing from a distance with his friends all while bearing in mind what I'd learnt.

I wore the same coat every day, it had a fur collar and he loved to snuggle into it. I gave him treats and when I went to pick him up wore the same coat worn every day I'd seen him.[premiumcontent]Many Thanks Abi!

Abi Titmuss Was Speaking With Kim O'Meara


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Images by Burnt Orange Photography

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