7 Dogs Letting the World Know What They Think of Montreal’s Decision to Ban Pit Bulls

Yesterday Montreal voted to ban Pit Bulls and Pit Bull type dogs in its city. The new bylaw is due to come into effect soon and all existing dog owners will have to comply with regulations and obtain a licence. But while dog owners across the world shout 'deed not breed' at the city and the officials who passed this new bill, here are 7 dogs showing how they feel about it.

Shame on you Montreal.

Heartbroken for the dogs who will suffer as a result.

Our hearts are broken for Montreal. Hug your blockheads a little tighter tonight. #standupforpits #endbsl

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Who's really the more dangerous - the human or the dog?

This dog is saying what we all think. BSL doesn't work.

These dogs are praying for an end breed discrimination one day for the next generation of dogs prejudged based on their looks alone.

Morning snuggle sesh. #Harley #SnuggleBug #SnuggleLove #KennaLove #Pitbull

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Understand the facts of the new bylaw and dog breeds affected here: http://www.dogmagazine.net/montreal-council-votes-to-ban-pit-bulls-pit-bull-types/

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