7 Best Videos of Dogs Watching Their Favourite TV Shows

Have you ever found yourself watching TV and then being struck by your dog's interest in whatever you're watching? For me recently it was 'Peppa Pig' which drew Christopher's attention and I found myself, a 33 year old woman, unable to change the channel because my dog had moved beds to get a better view of what I can only assume is his new favourite show, says Kim O'Meara.

Christopher's reaction led me to wonder what other shows had captured the attention of other dogs in the same way.

Here are 7 videos featuring dogs enchanted by their TV.

These dogs can't get enough of this cattle herding show (note their reaction when the dogs on screen are replaced by a human).

Have you ever told your dog to 'shh' when they're causing chaos and all you want is five minutes of peace and quiet? Meet the dog who feels your pain. This dog just wants a bit of quiet time to watch TV (and if he doesn't get it, he'll let you know what he thinks of you interrupting his day).

This dog LOVES watching sport on TV with tennis being his favourite sport of all (his analysis is right up there with the best!).

Ok, we all know 'The Lion King' is emotional but have you ever seen a dog get so involved? No, us neither (tissues at the ready!).

This Bulldog has found the perfect way to relax at the end of the day watching her favourite cartoon from her favourite seat (quiet at the back, some of us have had a hard day).

Have you heard about...?

7 Best Videos of Dogs Watching Their Favourite TV Shows

Last year's Budweiser commercial for the Superbowl got a lot of buzz online, it seems humans weren't the only fans though. This Bulldog stopped doing whatever it was doing doing to get in front of the TV to watch (ahh, cute!).

This dog is so enchanted by a Disney classic it can't help but get in character. TV, check. Film, check. Spaghetti, check.

We hope you enjoyed our video compilation, which was your favourite? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below!

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