5 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Day

We all know our dogs give unconditionally. They're perhaps one of only a handful of beings who love others more than themselves, so it's no surprise that we're often striving to show our dogs just how much they mean to us. Whether making their day with a surprise or special treat, we want to do our best to bring an extra wag to their tail.

Here are five ways you might like to show your dog just how much she means to you.

5 Ways to Make Your Dog's Day

1. Take a break.

Spending time together roaming a new or regular haunt where you can meet friends old and new while taking in the sights and sounds all around can be just what you and your dog need.

For your dog it's a chance to get out and about, explore and spend some time having fun in your company. For you, it's the chance to enjoy some time together, a chance to relax and forget about the working week or day you've had, and just 'be' while you blow away the cobwebs.

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2. A new bed to call his own.

Having their own space can be an important factor in any dog's happiness. It gives them somewhere to relax in peacefully on their own at the end of a busy day while dreaming about what tomorrow will bring.

We particularly like this unique style of dog bed which gives new meaning to the term 'man cave' with somewhere warm and cozy to curl up into...

The Dog Cave Bed

The dog cave bed is excellent for burrowing pets! It is designed to make your dog feel safe and comfortable while keeping it warm and the hood is padded to give extra warmth and help keep its shape longer.

5 Ways to Make Your Dog's Day

Made with a thick, machine washable canvas outer material, it has a Sherpa interior and a Coravin base.  The hood contains a piece of removable tubing to keep its cave-like shape.

Price £64.98 (large dog bed size) with FREE UK delivery



The Dog Cave beds come in various sizes from Medium to X-Large, so you're sure to find one to suit your dog's needs.

3. Learning canine massage.

Mia, my 10 year old Rottweiler loves a massage. Not only is it great for gently stretching her older limbs but it's 10 minutes or so without interruption and I swear she literally purrs.

Here's a tutorial from dog massage expert, Pam Holt, to guide you through.

Similar to the bond which can be built up through brushing and grooming, there's a definite bond to be created through massage.

4. A snazzy new collar handmade for your dog.

Okay so this might be more for you if your dog has a functioning collar, but who doesn't want or need a new collar to call their own? When did you last buy a pair of shoes, for example, for yourself that you needed rather than wanted, your dog might ask?

We particularly like these handmade collars where their design has an enormous amount of thought behind each and every detail, with your dog's comfort in mind...

The Harris Tweed Collar from My McDawg

Not only are these collars available in some fantastic bright new colours for Spring but they're handmade in Scotland from the finest of materials. Made to order, the attention to detail is second to none - we know, we've seen it for ourselves!

To match the quality of the Harris Tweed, the collars feature welded D-rings for security and aluminium clasps which are tested for strength.

5 Ways to Make Your Dog's Day

The New Blueberry Spring design

Eilidh, lady behind the My McDawg range, pays specific attention to detail and so makes each collar with a moleskin lining for durability and feel for comfort. Webbing is sewn into the middle of the collar for added strength, but does not take away from the look of the product.

Plus, to make it extra special on arrival you can even select gift packaging at the checkout point. Available to order at home in the UK or overseas, postage options are available for both.

Priced from £24.95



Available in sizes X-small to Large, sets of matching collars and leads are also available.

5. Get them thinking!

Whether teaching your dog a new game to play with you or giving them a puzzle that they have to work out for themselves, it's a great way to get their attention and give them a brand new challenge.

Keeping your dog mentally stimulated has huge benefits to their happiness and wellbeing. There are some great puzzles which you can buy and test out, but why not set both yourself and your dog the challenge of learning something new.

Could you teach your dog to count? Here's a step by step guide written by a dog owner who taught her dog to do just that: https://www.k9magazine.com/teach-your-dog-to-count/

Photo Credit: Matt McGee


Let us know what makes your dog happy, we'd love to hear from you and share your own top tips with other dog owners!


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