5 Sweetest Moments Which Sum Up a Dog’s Relationship With Their Owner

This month a new competition has launched inviting pets owners to share their own photos with their beloved dogs or cats. Since we're obviously Team Dog through and through we've found 5 dogs and their owners who we think perfectly sum up what it means to be on Team Dog to get you ready to share your own entry into the competition you could win £500!

This dog decided to play a role in his owner's engagement photos.

Hey, if you invite a dog to a photo shoot – let's be honest, the chances of this happening are greater than not – and we love it!

5 Sweetest Moments Which Sum Up a Dog's Relationship With Their Owner
Photo Credit: Imgur

Dogs and owners who sing together, stay together.

Everyone needs a backing singer, right?

This dog has given his owner a new lease of life.

This Labrador is now living a new chapter in his life, one he's fulfilling to the max. Given up by previous owners, he was discovered on a second-hand website. Now he has been trained as an assistance dog and as K9 Magazine shared some months ago, has given new owner Kym Stretton companionship and her independence back.

5 Sweetest Moments Which Sum Up a Dog's Relationship With Their Owner

This dog is his owner's perfect football buddy.

Brazil and Barcelona legendary footballer, Ronaldinho has attributed his skills on the pitch to training with his dog as a youngster. If it's good enough for him...

Dogs make days off special.

Whether you're venturing further afield than your local park or not, dogs have the ability to make any day special. They know it's being together which counts most.

5 Sweetest Moments Which Sum Up a Dog's Relationship With Their Owner
Photo Credit: Instagram.com/aspenthemountainpup

So, what would you say makes your relationship special with your dog? We all have that certain something that stands out, what makes your dog one in a million?

Share your stories with Team Dog.

Here's how you can enter:

To share your dog stories and be in with a chance of winning £500, all you have to do is share a photo of you with your dog or cat accompanied by the declaration of whether you are team dog or team cat. All photos will be accumulated and the team (dog or cat) with the most entries will reign victorious.

5 Sweetest Moments Which Sum Up a Dog's Relationship With Their Owner

The three-month competition (ending 9th of June) will be hosted on the Drontal and Advantage Facebook page; www.facebook.com/DrontalUK, where dog and cat owners will battle it out to determine who really is the perfect pet partner.

Judges from K9 Magazine and Total Cat Magazine will choose the overall winner based on the image that communicates a perfect representation of the inseparable partnership. For those who don’t win, there is still an extra chance to claim £500 through a live public vote on the best picture.

Good luck!

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Kata Berta, senior product manager at Bayer Animal Health, comments: “The competition was inspired by the love and devotion shown by pet owners across the UK. It encourages a healthy competitive spirit between dog and cat owners to find out which pet really is the perfect partner. An inseparable relationship is ensuring your pet is happy and healthy and naturally, keeping your pet free and protected from parasites is critical in the health and happiness of the pet.“

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