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4 Supplements for Dogs That You Should Know About

4 Supplements for Dogs That You Should Know About

Every month we ask our colleagues and friends to share their favourite dog products.

In this month's Best Dog Products feature, we share four of the best supplements for dogs that we think you need to know about to help keep your dog in tip-top shape, inside and out.

For a Healthy Skin & Coat

True Hemp™ SKIN+COAT Treats

4 Supplements for Dogs That You Should Know About

Price £4.99

K9 Magazine says: More than just a dog treat, True Hemp™ SKIN+COAT treats and dental sticks are designed to keep a dog’s skin soft and coat shiny – naturally.

Made from a unique blend of ingredients, these treats are rich in Hemp leaf, ground Hemp seed and Hemp seed oil (a natural source of Omega 3 oils) and combined with Flaxseeds, Pomegranate and Fresh Chicken, all of which play a critical role in a dog’s normal skin function and appearance.

4 Supplements for Dogs That You Should Know About

See some of their customer’s stories on social media – connect to #returnthelove on Instagram or Facebook.



For a Healthy Digestion

Advanced Probiotic Plus

4 Supplements for Dogs That You Should Know About

Price £21.79

K9 Magazine says: With the help of Christopher, we reviewed this dog probiotic last year. We couldn’t seem to get Chris’s tummy troubles under control so turned to probiotics for some additional digestive support. This supplement really helped while we switched diets.

A small tablet, the chicken flavour really helped to conceal it in his meal and our fussy eater was none the wiser!


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Have you heard about...?

4 Supplements for Dogs That You Should Know About

For Healthy Joints


4 Supplements for Dogs That You Should Know About

Price £24.79

K9 Magazine says: Designed by veterinarians with over 30 years experience to be everything you could ever want in a dog joint supplement.

Made from 100% all-natural ingredients including green lipped mussel and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, this helps maintain pain-free mobile joints. The Flexidog tablets have been carefully formulated to be chewable and tasty.

Find them on Instagram:

BUY IT NOW on Amazon (Europe) – 15% Off Use: ‘FLEXK915’!


BUY IT NOW on PetStoreo (Worldwide) – 20% Off Using ‘Flexidog-K9’

For Stressed or Anxious Dogs


4 Supplements for Dogs That You Should Know About

Priced from £15.80

K9 Magazine says: Following an article we wrote on separation anxiety, we decided to put YuCALM to the test with our rescue review dog, Danny.

He suffers from noise phobias so fireworks season is a real challenge. Knowing it can take up to 6 weeks to see results, we started our review suitably early. What really appealed to us about YuCALM were the natural ingredients because it’s a nutritional supplement, not a sedative.

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