2017 – The Year in Dogs

The year 2017 has been an interesting one in the world of dogs because - and wait for it - it would appear dogs are still doing stuff that makes them newsworthy every single day! Shocking right? Not only that, people are still very keen on dogs.

Man's best friend is not a title that looks likely to be passed on to cats, hamsters, ferrets or pot bellied pigs any time soon...although there are strong rumours that geckos have got their eyes on the big prize by 2020. Expect to see a big PR push from the gecko world over the coming years, but unless they can get their reptilian brains around such concepts as becoming emotional support geckos, cancer detecting geckos or even just learning how to walk nicely on a leash, dogs might have this title sewn up for the foreseeable future.

So then, what have dogs been up to in 2017?

It makes logical sense to start this thing in the first month of the year so I guess that's precisely what we'll do, never say we're afraid of being conventional. In January we got an insight in to how the Dutch are doing dogs right, a spirit-lifting reminder that it is possible to call yourselves a nation of dog lovers and actually mean it.

In a not so uplifting piece, we were also reminded that not all countries are legislating in the best interests of dogs or the public. Breed specific legislation is still here, after all these years when will government see sense?

Apparently, dogs are getting Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) too.

As sure as night follows day, February will normally come groaning in straight after January has depressed us all with its dark days and cold nights. In February we learned that people overwhelmingly want sentences for animal cruelty to be increased. Maybe their wish will be granted? More on that later.

The Dangerous Dogs Act was still a talking point.

This one got thousands of social shares. You'll see why:

[contentcards url="https://www.k9magazine.com/desperately-seeking-a-new-home-15-year-old-dog-has-spent-more-than-900-days-in-rescue/"]

Marching on. March. Terrible pun, not such a bad month in the wide, wide world of dogs. Meet the dog who gave her owner a reason to live. It's a real tug on the heart strings, if you have any. If you don't, then perhaps you'd be the sort of person who wouldn't blink at eating a dog? If so, what are you doing here? This isn't a menu you know! Any way, this person would not be pals with you.

Are you fan of mysteries?

[contentcards url="http://www.dogmagazine.net/has-the-mystery-of-the-dog-suicide-bridge-been-solved/"]

In April we saw a bit of a viral sensation as an older article of ours suddenly required us to spend more money on our web hosting as nearly half a million started reading and sharing a piece on the top 5 most dangerous dogs in the world.

Also in the month of April, K9 Magazine had a nice chat with singer-songwriter, Joss Stone. Pretty cool right?

Some more good news in April. A puppy farmer got sent to jail. No, really. They actually did send one to jail.

May we discuss May? Maybe. Look, it's May now - and here's what happened. There shall be no more month punning. It's unbecoming. The health problems of flat faced dogs continue to attract attention.

This incredible dog saved her owner from a terrorist attack. Ever seen a gecko do that? Thought not.

Guess what happened in June? More people called for the Government to dish out tougher sentences for animal abusers. That one's not going away is it?

What's the biggest lesson humans can learn from dogs? Here's a clue, geckos are not famous for this trait.

[contentcards url="https://www.k9magazine.com/loyalty-is-biggest-thing-humans-can-learn-from-dogs/"]

A simple question: can dogs save unicorns from extinction? The answer will surprise you!

July is the month where my birthday happens. It is therefore the most important month of the year. Fittingly, there were some GREAT dog stories about in this, the most important month of the year (it's July 10th if you're interested in getting me a gift/identity theft).

Can dogs predict who will be your perfect life partner? Well that's not even the real question here is it? The real question is whether geckos can? (a: they can't).

This will amaze you but breed specific legislation is still making headlines as protesters make their voices heard on behalf of the many innocent dogs who desperately need a voice.

As it's still July and as it's still my birthday month how appropriate we have a story about birthdays and dogs.

[contentcards url="https://www.k9magazine.com/salma-hayeks-dog-stole-a-wedding-cake-her-recall-of-the-story-is-as-funny-as-it-sounds/"]

August is here. The summer in full swing and K9 Magazine got to have a lovely chat with actress and Strictly Come Dancing sensation Gemma Atkinson - she's a BIG dog lover. That makes her awesome.

Now looky at what we have here. What's this...ANOTHER dog doing something absolutely, life-changingly amazing? Oh yes. That appears to be the case.

[contentcards url="https://www.k9magazine.com/meet-the-labrador-who-helped-us-learn-dogs-could-detect-cancer/"]

Dogs are so smart, not only can they detect cancer but they can also completely manipulate us with just a look.

OK, we're in to the 'ember' months now. Starting with September. Heir to the iron throne Prince William did a dog thing.

[contentcards url="http://www.dogmagazine.net/prince-william-visits-dog-rescue-to-find-out-how-dogs-are-helping-people-with-mental-health-problems/"]

These therapy geckos, oh sorry - did I say geckos? I meant dogs, of course. Yes, these therapy DOGS showed off their unrelenting awesomeness by helping army veterans cope with life after combat.

October saw the news that the state of California had banned the sale of puppies from stores and was encouraging people to adopt. Way. To. Go. Cali!

The Dangerous Dogs Act again. This time we've found a politician who wants to consider whether this useless law is worth keeping. I can save everyone the time. It isn't.

[contentcards url="https://www.k9magazine.com/labour-mp-says-its-definitely-time-for-a-review-of-the-dangerous-dogs-act/"]

Halloween takes place in October. Dogs take part. Of course they do.

In November Meghan Markle was in the news for some reason. She's a dog person.

[contentcards url="http://www.dogmagazine.net/why-did-meghan-markle-leave-a-dog-in-canada-how-will-guy-settle-into-life-in-london/"]

Hang on a second, have we gone for too long without a story of dogs doing something brilliant? Let's fix that.

[contentcards url="https://www.k9magazine.com/can-dogs-help-people-with-dementia-oh-you-bet-they-can/"]

In the month of November politicians discovered just how much people like animals. Animal sentience was the hot topic of the political debate.

December is, by convention, the final month of the year so we thought we'd include it right here, at the end.

Would you like to know what we considered to be the best dog training products of 2017?

BSL again. This time Sir Patrick Stewart weighs in with a timely reminder that this law is cruel, ineffective and unfair.

Finally, it seems entirely appropriate that we finish with a story of a dog doing something that only dogs can. It's been a good year for dogs.

[contentcards url="https://www.k9magazine.com/how-the-dog-i-rescued-ended-up-saving-my-life/"]

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