Issue 111

11 Dogs Being Shamed for Their Crimes

Let's be honest, our dogs can sometimes keep us on our toes with their naughty - and dare we say it, sometimes downright hilariously naughty - behaviour.

Here are 11 dogs being shamed for their crimes.

1. 'I had to get rid of the toilet monster.'

2. Lucky for this scissor sister, only the plastic handles took her fancy.

Photo Credit: southwoa/Reddit

And she also prefers the rustic look, as this bed found out.

3. 'Oh sorry, your birthday? Not mine? My bad.'

4. Admit it, you've wanted to do this too.

Photo Credit: Rott3Y/Reddit

5. 'Hey, some designers would charge a fortune for that.'

Photo Credit: cometsoverthemoon/Reddit

6. This dog doesn't like mystery fillings, so the outcome for the doughnut cushion was obvious when you think about it.

Photo Credit: rflohoe/Reddit

7. 'Ooh, errr, would you believe cat burglers came?'

Photo Credit: jaykirsch/Reddit

There's a lot of them cat burglers going about, apparently.

8. 'Whatevz, I'm not sorry'

Photo Credit: cocorinnevader/Reddit

9. This dog's just trying to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. An admirable concept really.



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