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10 Places That Should Be on Every Dog Owner’s Bucket List

According to new research, over half of all British dog owners are planning a trip with their pet.

Here are 10 places within the UK and across Europe that you should really consider visiting, as told to us by writer Danny Romero, who started taking his Bull Terrier, Rocky on his travels because life's too short to be apart.

After moving from America to the UK four years ago, they have spent the last few years travelling around Europe together, earning Rocky the nickname ‘Phileas Dog’.

Here are Danny’s top 10 places to visit with your dog, in no particular order.

Brighton, UK

"Probably the most dog-friendly town we have been to so far. We lived here for a time. I took Rocky almost everywhere with me in Brighton whether it’s for a pint at the many eccentric pubs, a burger at a restaurant, or even the barbershop.

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"He was allowed on all the buses and trains. We often cycled down from the Brighton pier all the way to the Marina, with Rocky running alongside me and enjoyed the beachfront route and we could always pop in and visit many of the cafes along the way.

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"Plus the town is filled with crazy characters so no one thought twice when Rocky walked around with his many colourful jackets. Rocky’s daily walks also took us past many interesting works of street art."

Prague, CZ

"We love that there's tons to do and see here. Me and Rocky took a small paddle boat across the Vltava River.

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"Transportation is very dog friendly and I was able to check off most of the things on my travel list for Prague without having to leave him at a hotel."

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Isle of Wight, UK

"We roamed around the stunning Carisbrooke Castle, visited a donkey sanctuary and a winery. There’s also tons of natural beauty on the Isle of Wight and lots of wide-open trails.

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"The coolest part of our adventure here was without a doubt the historic Steam Railway and they allow dogs on the steam train which was a great little journey that we shared. He was the coolest little passenger on the steam railway."

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Chamonix, France

"France, in general, is extremely dog-friendly which is why we visit it a lot. In Chamonix, me and Rocky cycled down paths with the best views of the French Alps. We felt very free here.

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"When I went out to dinner with my friend, I was able to take Rocky with me to most of the nicer restaurants and shops. We were even able to bring Rocky inside a McDonald’s."

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Zante, Greece

"I went to visit for the Shipwrecked Beach view which I was able to see with Rocky but the best part about my trip here was the buggy ride that I took with him.

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"It was a rush to rent the buggy and cruise around the island with my best bud in the passenger seat and look out to see the gorgeous island’s mountains."

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Strasbourg, France

"As I mentioned France is dog friendly and Strasbourg is very much like entering a fairy-tale land.

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"I love being able to take Rocky to the open air markets in Strasbourg where I can buy food and as a bonus, I get to look at the beautiful timber-framed houses. There are also tons of castles (chateaus) nearby and it’s great exercise for the both of us when we explore the castles."

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Barcelona, Spain

"I have a hard time figuring out what my favourite part about Barcelona is because there’s so many. From the small open-air restaurants that are dog friendly to the amazing beaches.

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"But I think my favourite time with Rocky was hiking around Montjuic and climbing to the top to see the views of the city."

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The New Forest, UK

"Not quite a city, rather a region in England filled with vast green pastures, trails, ponies and donkeys.

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"There’s so much of the New Forest and the few times we went I booked a bicycle buggy for Rocky where he was able to take a rest inside to catch his breath. There are also tons of dog-friendly pubs that we could pop into after exploring the New Forest."

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Jesolo, Venice, Italy

"A small town in the Venice region, we quite enjoyed their colourful little dog beach called Bau Bau Beach where Rocky rolled around in the sand and had tons of room in this area of the beach to run around in.

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"The weather is beautiful and the people are friendly. We were welcome inside a pizzeria where Rocky sat on the booth with my friends and he was the most popular little tourist in the pizzeria that day."

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I wanted to explore the Amstel River via a cruise and I was glad to find out that the cruises are very dog-friendly so I took Rocky with me and we got to see the entire city via a canal cruise.

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"The cruise through the river complete with sights of the city and Rocky sitting alongside made this my favourite thing about the city. The Dutch were also very friendly toward Rocky. We quite enjoyed hanging out at the Museumplein too."

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Many thanks, Danny - and of course, Rocky!

You can keep up with their latest adventures on Instagram by following Rocky @rockythetraveller

Let us know where you're choosing to spend the summer exploring with your dog by commenting below - we love hearing from you!



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