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Did YuMEGA Itchy Dog Solve Danny’s Dry Skin? Our Review’s Here

Ever since Danny became a part of our family almost three years ago, he has had on-off dry, flaky skin. It doesn't seem diet related, there are no underlying parasite issues, and yet every so often he has a flare-up of itchy, dry skin. So, could it be seasonal we wondered?

It seems a very good possibility because as soon as the colder weather arrived, we noticed his dry skin once again coming through his glossy black coat.

So we decided to investigate possible supplements to add to his diet to help his skin and that's when I found YuMEGA Itchy Dog (RRP£18.75 for 250mls - £29.95 for 500mls), a cold-pressed oil.

It seemed to have a lot of positive reviews so that seemed as good a reason as any to give it a try.

YuMEGA Itchy Dog: The Ingredients

YuMEGA is made up of Fish and Salmon oils for a combination of Omega 3 and 6 fish oils with added Golden Flax, Starflower and Vitamin E.

The colour matches the ingredients and it resembles a thick oil in consistency.

Although I have to be honest, I assumed there would be some kind of artificial or added ingredient to flavour to it based on Danny's reaction and attempts to lick straight from the measuring cup, but it's all natural which is great. It must just be super tasty!

Danny weighs 30kg+ so he takes between 10-15mls daily. I usually add straight to his food - when its allowed to reach the bowl without an interception, that is, and he eats with his breakfast without any problem.


Does YuMega Itchy Dog Work?

Lintbells, manufacturers of YuMEGA say you should see results within a fairly short period of time, 3-6 weeks.

Danny noticed positive results at after only 2 weeks. Although his dry skin hasn't gone altogether as yet, he has less visible dandruff and he's less itchy, so I will probably buy another bottle to continue for another month once his current bottle is finished.

Based on retail pricing, it works out at around an extra 70p or so a day. Although shopping around always pays off and Amazon is always worth checking out for for lower prices. Their current price would make it about half that additional daily cost, so fantastic value.

Danny when we started our YuMEGA review

Danny after almost two weeks on YuMEGA, a difference already

Danny after three weeks of taking YuMEGA Itchy Dog

I have to admit, during the course of this review Danny has played the role of a stooge dog. He has the most solid stomach of all three of my dogs and so I wanted to see how he handled the supplement before adding into Christopher and Mia's diets.

Chris especially has a tricky tummy and Mia recently had intestinal troubles, so she is on a very limited diet. Both however also have a little dry skin.

I will update this review with their progress as and when they begin and keep Danny's progress up to date to see how he does as we reach 6 weeks.

Many thanks to Lintbells for sharing a 500ml bottle of YuMEGA Itchy Dog with us for review.


YuMEGA Itchy Dog Reviews
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