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Why Do Dogs Do That?

Why Do Dogs Do That?

Why do dogs do that thing they do? You know, that weird thing. That funny thing they do with their head, nose, feet, eyes, ears, tail.

Actually, for lots of dog owners, wondering why their dogs do some of the things they do is a great learning opportunity not just to understand the basis of their own dog's quirks and foibles, but to understand more about canine behaviour in general.

So we've put together a nice little list, covering some of the most common 'why do dogs...' questions we've received through the years.

If you've ever wondered why dogs wag their tail (it's actually not what you might think) or why dogs tilt their heads, read on.

Why do dogs love humans?

Ever stopped to wonder, does my dog really love me? You don’t have to be a behavioural scientist to see that there is something special about dogs. In fact, an excess of scientific training may obscure the facts lying in plain sight.

Can I get worms from my dog

Lying, for example, at my feet as I’m typing now; or later on the sofa beside me as I'm watching TV, writes Clive D. L. Wynne, a behavioural scientist at Arizona State University.

As I explain in my book ‘Dog is Love: The Science of Why and How Your Dog Loves You’, I spent a decade studying dogs before I realised that a simple truth about our canine companions – something that I had known as a child playing with my dog Benji, but which had become obscured by confusing scientific studies – explains their astonishing uniqueness. Dogs love humans because we've given them something that absolutely, perfectly suits their unique animal characteristics.

Read in full: Why do dogs love humans?

Why do dogs bark?

Unless you're the proud of owner of a Basenji (the non-barking dog breed) there is every chance that once in a while your dog lets rip with a bark or barking session and you have no idea what they're trying to communicate to you, why do dogs bark?

Have they heard something you didn't? Do they need to go out?

Or are there aliens landing which we need to know about? Well wonder no more, we explain the common reasons behind 10 different dog barks....

Read in full: Why do dogs bark?

Why do dogs tilt their heads?

In our ongoing series on dog body language and, quite frankly, because our dogs just do some things that make us ask why? We take a look at the curious case of why dogs cock or tilt their heads to one side.

Why Do Dogs Do That?

Come on, hands in the air, who hasn't laughed and giggled when observing their dog hear a strange noise and responded with a clockwise head tilt in their efforts to work out what's going on.

I'll bet there are even some of us who've gone out of our way to actually MAKE the noise that prompts the dog to cock its head. It's amusing to us. But why do they do it, why do dogs tilt their heads?

Read in full: Why do dogs tilt their heads?

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Have you heard about...?

Why Do Dogs Do That?

Why do dogs shake?

An unusual encounter with a middle aged Terrier back in the Summer of 1998 gave me an interesting insight into the dog body language of shaking / or shivering dogs. I set my gaze on this small, but friendly dog and observed as she stood shaking, as if petrified or very cold.

At first glance, it was my assumption that the dog was extremely nervous about something. But no. As I got to know the dog better, a more confident and bold animal you would struggle to meet. So why was she shaking? James Hunt explores more...

Read in full: Why do dogs shake?

Why do dogs chew their feet?

For many dog owners who've wondered why do dogs chew their feet, the query is born of frustration rather than mere curiosity. If you've witnessed your own dog chewing their feet it can be quite upsetting in cases where your dog is clearly healthy in all other ways but simply will not stop biting their own toes. So why do they do it?

Why Do Dogs Do That?

When it comes to dogs chewing their feet, this is a not all too uncommon problem, but one that does require intervention and understanding.

Let's examine the various causes that lead dogs to chew their own feet and give you some solutions to try to help you identify the route cause of why your dog is chewing his feet and ways to help you help them to stop.

Read in full: Why do dogs chew their feet?

Why do dogs wag their tails?

What is the meaning of dog tail wagging? Why do dogs wag their tails in certain ways at particular times? What are dogs saying to each other when they wag their tails? How can we read the signs of a dog's tail wagging gestures?

Why Do Dogs Do That?

Ahh, such lofty questions for us at K9 Magazine. But make no mistake fellow dog tail wagging observers, for this is a serious issue. This article forms part of our new series on Understanding Dog Body Language.

We've recently been asking our readers to tell us what they'd like more of and dog body language (or more to the point: why does my dog do....) has appeared prominently in the list.

So here we begin with the task of answering the question: why do dogs wag their tails?

Read in full: Why do dogs wag their tails?

Do you have any 'why do dogs...' questions for us?

Hit the comments form below, we'll be happy to tackle your dog questions.

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