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WATCH: The 10 Best Dog Videos of 2015


WATCH: The 10 Best Dog Videos of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, it's been another great year for dog videos. Here are 10 of our favourite videos of the year.

1. Meet the dog who had a DIY ball pit made for his birthday (lucky dog!)

2. Dog vs Minion. Who will come out on top?

3. Victoria Stilwell's visit to a puppy mill (puppy farmer) highlights a very real problem affecting many dogs every year.

4. Have you ever wondered what your dogs get up to while you're out? This owner set a camera up to find out!

5. This dog's friend tells tales when their owner finds a mess. Uh-oh.

6. This DIY dog treat video has had over 2m views, so that must mean there's more than 2m dogs who've sampled some home made cookies, right?

7. Meet the dog who wants his bed back, and he wants it now! But will he get it?

8. Otto, the new skateboarding dog on the block broke a Guinness World Record this year.

9. This video shows a dog's journey from rescue to recovery. It might be hard to watch (have some tissues handy) but it's an important video to show how one person can make a difference in a dog's life and help them turn a corner to find the life they so richly deserve.

10. You can never have enough Minions or dogs dressed as Minions, right?

We hope you enjoyed the countdown, please let us know which was your favourite!

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