Vitavet SuperDog® by Vitabiotics Review

Vitavet SuperDog® from Vitabiotics

Vitavet SuperDog® is a ‘first of its kind’ advanced new supplement range, specially for dogs of all ages. From healthy joints & bones to vitality, its super comprehensive formulations are scientifically formulated by nutritional experts to give your dog the latest support available.

SuperDog Health and Vitality contains advanced ingredients such as Linseed oil powder to help maintain a glossy coat and healthy skin whilst seaweed contains natural iodine, minerals, amino acids and vitamins for coat growth and colour. An all round balance of key vitamins A, C, D and E support your dog’s daily diet and L-Carnitine and L-Lysine may help with weight management and good metabolism.

SuperDog Joints & Bones formula provides maximum support for joint health and includes a complete spectrum of nutrients including Green Lipped Mussel, together with MSM, to maintain mobility of the joints, promote flexibility and keep the surrounding tissue and cartilage healthy.

Vitavet SuperDog® by Vitabiotics Review

The formula also provides a rich source of Calcium with co-factors to help maintain strong bones, teeth, as well as the health of the heart, muscles and nerves. To help safeguard your dog’s joint mobility as they age, Glucosamine and Chondroitin work together to support collagen production and cushion the joints.

SuperDog is your dog’s new best friend providing optimum levels of advanced micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts, to stay in tip-top condition.

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  1. Can you give your dog both the superdog vitamins the one for coats and the one for the bones or only give one of them please can you let me know before I do something wrong thank you x

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