TV Shows Are A Dog’s Life

Dog lovers must have been quite pleased by the amount of canines seen on prime time television recently; between the hunt for Toto on ‘Over the Rainbow’ and Tina and Chandi on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, there were plenty of four legged antics to amuse them.

The competition for Toto was eventually won by a Miniature Schnauzer called Dangerous Dave. He beat hundreds of other dogs, from Chihuahuas and Cairn Terriers, to Leonbergers and even a Great Dane to win the part in the forthcoming gala performances of the West End show, ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Dave will be joining Danielle Hope in the show after they both won their respective sections of the televised competition last weekend.

His owner Rachel said: “We are very proud of Dave and confident he will make a great Toto. He has a great stage presence, making him such a great choice.” Toto panellist, Jodie Prenger backed up the judge’s decision, saying: "Dave was just so consistent, and how can you not love a face like that?"

Meanwhile, heelwork to music duo Tina and her dog Chandi got through to the final of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ on Saturday, but sadly were not the overall winners, despite being second-favourite to win, and tipped by some bookies as a sure thing.

Tina, unlike former competitors Kate and her dog Gin, have performed heelwork to music in front of crowds before, including in the main arena at Crufts. Chandi is 18 years old, and recent leaks from backstage workers reveal that she is quite spoilt; according to The Sun she gets carried up stairs, and had a bed with a fan in it to keep her cool. However, Ms Humphrey had nothing but praise and affection for her clever canine, who is a rescued border collie that Tina saved from being put down as a pup; “She understands me."

By Laura Patricia

TV Shows Are A Dog's Life

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  1. I can’t stop watching when there are dogs on TV! I like dogs in movies too. Speaking of dogs on tv – I saw a bulldog skateboarding last Saturday morning on animal planet – it’s a new show and I loved it. I’m addicted to dogs on TV!

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