This Dog Would be Dead, if he was British

This is Leo. He used to belong to disgraced NFL footballer Michael Vick. For those who don’t know why Vick is disgraced it’s because he was found guilty of being involved in illegal dog fighting. Leo was one of his dogs, now rescued.

Leo now leads a new life. A life that many would still argue is impossible. For Leo is not only an ex fighting dog, he is also a Pit Bull Terrier type dog. In the UK, Leo would be dead.  Not helping people, not enjoying his new found life...but dead.

What he actually does is bring comfort to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Please, read his story.

Oh, and let’s think quite seriously about whether we’re happy about this fact, which I shall repeat once again: Leo would be dead if he lived in the UK. Dead, not because of his the illegal fighting his owner used him for.

Dead, not because he’d attacked anyone. No, dead just because of what he is and what he looks like. Are you happy about that?

End bsl.


  1. hi i have just read about leo what a lovely dog and doing a good job i am british and prowed of it but where a dog is concerned i DONT agree with the stupid
    uk law, These dogs are not born fighter they are trained to fight not the dogs fault but the dog gets put down for it ,

  2. hi i have to agree with patrica dogs are not born to be fighters its down to the owner of the dog. dog is mans best friend and does what it is tought to do i have a english bull and stafford shire bull and the two of them would lick you to death with effection. people who train there dogs to fight sould be inprisoned and made to pay for the dogs actions and for the treatments of the dog being held by the authorites and heavly fined

  3. Any dog can be trained to be a fighter, punish the owners and not the dogs. If they can be rehabilitated give them a chance. Bring back dog licencing and remove any dog that does not have one because we know genuine dog lovers would abide.

  4. Wot a beautiful dog Leo is and his story, as it goes to show this breed gets a bad press because of the stupid owner’s that are suppose to love and train them not teach them to fight, when will it ever end????

  5. If a person has to fight to survive they will, the same goes for dogs. Just because you do something doesn’t mean you liked doing it. A dog should not be sentenced to death because of it’s breed,but some safety measures do need to be in place. Better safe than sorry. Congrats on the career change Leo!!!!

  6. I cant stand this kind of stuff vick got off to easy i think he should be forced to do things that ruin his life and make him unhappy for what he did. pit bulls were proven to be the #1 friendlyest dog breed.

  7. It’s so good to see a positive story about this breed, and thank you for it. You’re right of course and this was proven when I recently rescued a young pup who was running amok on a main road. He was incredibly friendly and soppy and let me carry him to the car, where he sat like a little lord. He was beautifully behaved as I took him to a sanctuary. He had no ID, and two days later the police did a routine check of the sanctuary, declared my pup to be a pit bull and took him. I then found out he’d been put down after five days.This puppy was killed for nothing more than the way he looked, and I cried for him. And we call Britain civilized????

  8. Leo would be dead in Ontario also if he was born after August 2005 and not “grandfathered” in. Any new born litters with parents that are medium sized with short hair are automatically put down now in this now darconian dog forsaken province thanks to Liberal rule due to the “substantually similiar clause.

    The Provincal court of appeals has just also determined that “anything enacted by legislature MUST be enforced however harsh or absurd or contrary to common sense”. It went on to say “court is not concerned over the wisdom, or lack of wisdom, underlaying the enactment of the 2005 amendments. Pit bulls cannot be treated the same way as all breeds of dogs have traditionally been treated due to specific measures”.

    WOW huh?

  9. Blame the deed not the breed, it’s about time they stopped this BSL, there’s many innocent dogs being snatched because of the way they look. Poor Lennox is still locked up in a small cold conrete cell because of the way he looks and has been there 2 years now, it’s about time he was released !!

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