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These Dogs Were Saved from a South Korean Farm, Can You Help Them Find New Homes?

Just a few weeks ago, thirteen dogs arrived in the UK looking for new homes after being saved when a dog meat farm was closed in South Korea.

With the help of TOWIE’s Pete Wicks, who travelled with the Humane Society International to lend a helping hand, 170 dogs who were destined for a fate that’s hard to bear were saved.

Of the thirteen dogs who arrived, one had a home ready and waiting with Claire Bass, executive director of HSI/UK and twelve were placed in the care of London based rescue, All Dogs Matter.

Ira Moss is general manager at the dog rescue and tells us this is the second time they have worked with the HSI to help dogs saved from the meat trade find new homes.

Photo Credit: Harriet Barclay/HSI

The Lucky 13

After what he saw in South Korea, Pete Wicks (pictured below) was pleased to be reunited with the lucky thirteen when they arrived in the UK saying, “Nothing could have prepared me for how dreadful a dog meat farm really is.

“Helping the HSI rescue team close down that hellish place was one of the proudest experiences of my life, and I’m thrilled to finally be reunited with the 13 dogs who will find their forever homes here in the UK. With love and patience, hopefully they can put the nightmare of the dog meat trade behind them.”

Photo Credit: Harriet Barclay/HSI

The power of social media

Seven of the 13 dogs, including Adam – now named Dodger – have been rehomed safely.

Dodger's new owner, Kim Hollows told us she saw him on Good Morning Britain and fell in love with him and his story.

She says, “I follow Pete Wicks on Instagram and he had put a photo up of Dodger with All Dogs Matter’s contact details, so I decided to give them a call. I thought he would have found a home already but when they said he was there I was over the moon.

“When he was ready to be picked up, we got up at 5 in the morning to drive to London to get him. He was pleased to see us but very wary of the car, he was very unsure and jumpy in the car, I just kept on stroking him to keep him relaxed."

Kim tells us he’s settling in well and getting used to the world and new experiences that are all around him.

Pictured above, Kim and Dodger

“He is very inquisitive, sniffing and looking around and barking at the wind - everything is new to him. He's such a gorgeous dog, we love him very much, yes, it's not going to be easy but it's worth every minute.”

We shared the news with Pete that thanks to his Instagram post, Dodger had found a new home.

He told us, "I am over the moon that Adam (Dodger) found his forever home. He really is a very special dog and the couple of days he spent with me I completely fell in love with him.

"From seeing where the dogs come from to seeing and following their journey becoming part of a family for the first time, is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done."

What you can do to help

Five dogs remain homeless and although they are very much adapting to life, All Dogs Matter would love to see the final five find their place in the world – although Ira stresses that for some of the dogs, the type of home they need isn’t a typical home after all they’ve gone through.

Please read and share their stories.

Meet Chris and Bella...

Chris and Bella are starting to get used to being around people. They are both quite scared but do want to make friends with people.

All Dogs Matter say, “We are looking to find them a forever home here with someone who has owned dogs before and who is prepared to show them what a normal doggy life should be.

“Chris and Bella will need to go to a quiet home with someone who is patient and prepared to work with them. They find loud noises, cars etc stressful so we would prefer to find them a forever or foster home in a semi-rural area.“

Chris and Bella have always been together so ideally they would be rehomed together. But for the right match, All Dogs Matter would consider splitting them up.

Find out more: www.dogsblog.com/chris-bella

Meet Lucy...

Lucy is an amazingly trusting girl who is extremely sweet. She loves playing with other dogs and her toys.

Lucy is good with other dogs so could possibly live with a calm, male dog, but no cats. She would also be suited to a home with children aged 12 years and older.

All Dogs Matter tell us, “She is looking for a new home with someone who has owned dogs before and can help show her how to live in a home. Lucy can still be nervous in new situations but she is very bright and picks things up quickly!”

She is looking for a semi-rural home.

Find out more & contact the rescue: www.dogsblog.com/lucy-224

Meet Tory and Rocky...

Tory and Rocky are the most fearful of all of the dogs from South Korea and are desperately in need of a patient and understanding home.

All Dogs Matter say, “They need an experienced owner, who can work with them. They are currently in kennels, where they are getting used to being around people.”

Their new home won’t be a typical home, it could be a sanctuary or somewhere they have their own space outside.

They aren’t able to be walked yet, but we think that they will come out of themselves over time.

Tory and Rocky are still semi-feral and if you imagine their life before, where All Dogs Matter describe them as having seen “dogs taken out of cages to be killed or having the metal bars of their cages rattled for no purpose other than to increase fear” then you can understand why their new home must be one willing to go at their own pace.

Tory and Rocky rely on each other for comfort and security and are looking for a new home together.

Find out more: www.dogsblog.com/tory-rocky

Reflecting on his experiences and the dogs he helped save, Pete concludes, "Every single dog has a different personality and character but one thing they all have in common is that they all deserve love."

If you can give one of these five dogs, or another, a place to call home, please do. It's one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do - and if you can't, please share their stories.

As Dodger's story proves, you never know who might be reading.



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