A Dog Owner’s Guide to Tellington Touch

It's often said that it's the small things in life that make you happy and sitting, with your dog by your side, simply petting them easily fits in this category.

I often find myself looking online for more information, just looking to be a better pet owner. In doing so I often get tips from Pet Parents, as they are pretty solid in that regard. This time I learned about petting your pet, and all the different effects it can have. Something about this one action can easily take away the stress of your day. And it's not just your stress that can be removed, your dog can also benefit from the same experience.

A Dog Owner's Guide to Tellington Touch

Tellington Touch (or TTouch as it is also sometimes called) is a massage technique developed by Linda Tellington-Jones who saw the benefits the technique had reducing tension and stress and changing behaviour in animals.

In this guide, we aim to give all the information you require to gain an insight into TTouch and learn a little more about its history and how it could actually benefit your dog.

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An Introduction To The Tellington Touch Technique

To begin I will try to summarize what the Tellington Touch is. I have met countless people that have heard something about it but were not really sure what it is.

“Oh it’s that massage thing” I often hear, or “is it dog whispering?”. Well there are many ways of explaining what TTouch is and how it works. My favourite way is that when Linda Tellington-Jones was developing the method with her horses she noticed that as performance improved so did posture. Then as posture and performance improved so did behaviour.

Unwanted behaviour just seemed to diminish without actually having to directly address or understand the behavioural problem. What Linda was doing with the TTouches was addressing the reason why the problem arose in the first place.

A Dog Owner's Guide to Tellington Touch

Back in the 1970s Linda had discovered a people therapy called the Feldenkrais Method where the emphasis is on learning how patterns of movement can become habitual and restrictive, thereby becoming the underlying cause of chronic tension and/or pain interfering with well being.

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A Dog Owner's Guide to Tellington Touch

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