Stacey Jackson: “Dogs Are Life Changing”

Stacey Jackson is a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, TV presenter & mother of four.

She became an inspiration for stay-at-home moms when she shot to fame, having launched her music career at age 40.

Following the chart success of her debut single, Stacey has gone on to release four albums & over a dozen singles, recorded a track “Live It Up” with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. The record recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and has been rebooted & relaunched in June 2021.

Stacey Jackson: "Dogs Are Life Changing"

She has also worked with Papa Levi & prolific dance music producers & remixers such as C-Rod and Dave Audé. She’s toured the world from stadiums to floats at Pride, stepping out in her trademark high heels & hot pants.

Her weekly music show “Stacey Jackson In The 80s” also premiered in June 2021 on Spotlight TV which airs on Sky as well as other satellite providers.

Stacey caught up with K9 Magazine to tell us more about her dog, work and passions.

Stacey Jackson: "Dogs Are Life Changing"

Tell us all about all the dogs you've loved in your life. (this is your chance to tell us everything about your dogs, past or present. Names, ages, breeds - we want to know everything!)

The irony is that growing up I never had a dog and neither did my husband. My kids have asked us for years to get one but we travel soooo much I couldn’t figure out how to ever juggle it.

But when my three boys grew up and began to leave the nest, my then 12-year-old daughter — who also desperately wanted a dog — convinced us to get a dog because "all her brothers are moving out" and she would be "lonely."

There is a really good story about how she changed our minds as well. Haha.

My first ever doggie I loved was my aunt’s Schnauzer Vickie… she was so adorable and lived 16 or 17 years so I was really sad when she died. Plus over the years I had a few God-Dogs that I loved so much.

One was a Shitzu called Arturo who my dear friend Gaia saved. He also, unfortunately, died over a year ago. In my mind, that’s the only downfall to having a dog.

Stacey Jackson: "Dogs Are Life Changing"

You're obviously a huge dog lover. How long have dogs been a major part of your life and we definitely want to hear the story about how your daughter convinced you to get Frankie!

I wasn’t allowed a dog growing up but my kids always wanted one. The problem is we travel so much (I’m Canadian, my hubby is American and we live in London) plus I would have to go on tour for long periods of time…

There was never the right time to have a dog. So Frankie came into our lives only a few years ago. My daughter literally did all the research — we didn’t want a dog that shed for example and also had a calm temperament.

She and my husband were out to lunch one day at one of our favourite restaurants called Lucio in London and there was this gorgeous dog sitting by his owner. The dog (who we ultimately learned is called Oscar) was so even-keeled and well-behaved.

In fact, a table of 8 boisterous people came in to sit right next to where Oscar was lying and he just picked himself up and calmly moved to the other side.  So, my husband said, “Ok, that’s a really good dog… I may consider something like that”.

So my kid gathers up the courage to go over to this woman in the restaurant and ask her a million questions including what kind of dog it was — turns out it was a malti-poo (and his owner, Natasha, was sooo lovely to spend the time with my kid shooting questions at her!)

Stacey Jackson: "Dogs Are Life Changing"

Natasha gave my kid all the information she needed. Then my daughter actually prepares an entire PowerPoint presentation on the benefits of getting a malti-poo!

There were only “pros” on the list… no “cons!” (She even made walking the dog look appealing!) We contacted the breeder that Natasha recommended and the rest is history!

What are your favourite things to do with your dog(s)?

We live very close to Hyde Park so we loooove taking him on long walks in the park.  He’s obsessed with chasing after the squirrels! He’s soooo cute, Haha!

Stacey Jackson: "Dogs Are Life Changing"

You have a really interesting career... What advice would you give to the many people who wanted to follow your path in career terms? What are the absolute best (and worst) things about your work?

I love writing and recording and I also love performing - whether on stage or on camera. The arts, especially the music business is quite tough to navigate so it takes a lot of drive and “chutzpah” and of course hard work.

But I love what I do and I couldn’t be a good mom, dog-mom, wife or otherwise if I didn’t have that piece of me fulfilled. I was super lucky to have the support of my family.

My advice is to learn from EVERYTHING — and NEVER take no for an answer because sometimes when one door closes, another one opens. Be flexible and listen to people in the business.

Stacey Jackson: "Dogs Are Life Changing"

The best part for me is seeing people dancing to my records and singing the lyrics to the songs I write and produce.

And of course, I love my fans -- so hearing from them that they watch "Stacey Jackson in the 80s" and then they request songs for me to play is also a wonderful feeling of course.

Here are our quick-fire questions, are you ready?

Which do you prefer and why?

Big dogs or little dogs?


Calm, relaxed dogs or dogs who live at 100mph?

Calm and relaxed… I already live my life at 100 MPH - His calm demeanour is very soothing to me and just what I need!

Dogs who do as they're asked most of the time or dogs who do pretty much whatever they like whenever they like?

Obedient dogs for sure.

Dogs who love to walk by your side or dogs who like to race off and cover ten thousand yards in 3 seconds?

A little of both. I love that he walks next to me but I also love that he runs ahead of me but then stops to look back to make sure I’m still there. It’s soooo amazing.

Days off or days at work?

Hmmmm… probably both. I don’t really take any time off. Even when I’m on holiday I am writing episodes, lyrics or learning lines!

The fastest route or the scenic route?

Usually the fastest route — but it is nice sometimes to take it slow and stop to smell the roses if you know what I mean.

Nighttime or early morning?

Night! I get most of my work done when everyone is asleep. But I am up early in any case because I like to have breakfast with my daughter before she goes to school and of course the dog needs to go out! So basically, I don’t really get much sleep!

Describe the last time you laughed out loud because of something you saw a dog do?

Frankie sometimes sleeps on his back with all his paws straight up in the air and I always laugh when I see that.


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What do you like to do in your downtime?

Binge watch a good show! I’m into The Morning Show at the moment with Jen Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

Let us in on a secret that very few people know about you?

I can draw really complicated mazes in under a minute!

Stacey Jackson: "Dogs Are Life Changing"

What is your current favourite…?

TV show?

The morning Show and Succession. I really love the shows — the writing is brilliant but I also think the musical score for Succession is incredible.


I love Kanye. He may be a bit “out there” for some, but he really is a musical genius. I’m liking a lot of his tracks off his new record Donda


I just saw No Time To Die and I looooved it!


Probably something to do with shopping… maybe Netaporter but I also like Outnet, Zara and Amazon, of course.

Animal charity(s)?

RSPCA for us.

If you had to choose just one, what product or service would you say has most changed your life do you think and why? (can be technology, beauty, food, pet-related, book - anything)

My iPhone! I mean - back in the pre-smartphone days I always saw myself as a multitasker — and can do like 10 things at a time… with my phone, I feel like I can do 1000 things at one time!!

I can sing a melody into my voice notes, answer emails, take pics, go on social media and engage with fans, shop, see my family on a group video chat…and more!

All on one device! I’m probably dating myself but I am always in awe of technology and I think we are still just at the very beginnings of it.

Tell us about some of your most memorable moments from your work?

Working directly with Snoop Dogg would be up there and probably landing the presenting gig for Spotlight’s "Stacey Jackson in the 80s" on Sky. I also love performing and I have sooo many tour stories — but you know, whatever happens on tour, stays on tour, eh?

Finish the following sentence, "dogs are...."…


Stacey Jackson: "Dogs Are Life Changing"

Do you have any causes, projects, business ventures etc that are important to you and you'd like us to tell our readers about?

My book How Snoop Dogg Made Me A Better Mom is set to release in the summer of 2022. I’m super excited about that. And of course, all my music is available on all streaming and downloading platforms including Live It Up Rebooted Feat.

Snoop Dogg and “FlipSide” which is the theme song I wrote for "Stacey Jackson In the 80s”, is also being released as a single on December 10th.



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