b'Click HereTo Read Appalled animal lovers have takenThe Rest Of to social media to voice theirThis Articleconcerns repeatedly about the devastating scenes that unfolded on their screens since the show aired on 30th September, pulling local authorities, animal charities and Welsh ministers into the conversation, so there is hope it may be the last time. Or is it wishful thinking?New laws are being considered but there are loopholes, as we discovered when we spoke with the organisation who wentPhoto Credit: Puppy Love Campaignsundercover to give the BBC the footage to air the TV show.We raised what we learnt with Lesley Griffiths AM, who is the Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs and Joyce Watson, a member of the Labour party who has been a member of the National Assembly for Wales for Mid and West Wales since 2007, to find out how Wales plans to tackle the issue and save the dogs at the heart of the scandal.'