b'Click HereFor the last 12 years, weve beenTo Read helping animal rescues to publiciseThe Rest Of the concept of dog adoption and findThis Articlenew homes for dogs in their care through dogsblog.comSince the financial crash in 2008, animal rescues have been experiencing a crisis that has seen more dogs than ever abandoned. In some cases, the circumstances are unavoidable. In others, understanding the responsibilities of being a dog owner before bringing a dog into the home could have made a big difference to tens if not hundreds of thousands of dogs.This year with the support of Animal Friends Insurance and celebrities including JessPhoto Credit:K9 MagazineImpiazzi, Charlotte Hawkins, Pete Wicks, Jorgie Porter, Sarah Jayne Dunn, Peter Egan, Leilani Dowding and Jane Fallon, we will be launching the UKs first National Dog Adoption Day - but we need your help and we want to share your dogs story.'