RoundUp It’s what’s goIng on In Dog-LanD DogNews... See more dog news and get updated first and fast with any breaking stories, visit: RSPCA’s Oldest Rescue Dog Finds New Home A 19 year old dog who was rescued by an RSPCA inspector after he was spotted collapsed in a garden in freezing temperatures has found a new home. The Terrier, who is the oldest dog to be taken into the RSPCA’s care, found a new home with a retired widow who fell in love with him saying she had been thinking about getting another dog when her daughter spotted Stormy’s story in the local press. She said, “I’d been looking for a dog for a while. I didn’t want a puppy, I wanted an older dog and I felt like I’d know when it was the right one for me. “He is lovely – especially considering what he’s been through. He just wants to be loved.” ClickHere ToRead TheRestOf ThisArticle