TalkingPoint… This year marks the 10th anniversary of puppy farming campaign group, Puppy Love Campaigns. Their work isn’t solely about bringing public awareness to what puppy farms are, although this is a part of it, they also have a well-earned reputation of infiltrating puppy farms with their evidence being relied on to close puppy farms, resulting in happier futures for the rescued puppies and their mums. This is the most important reason behind their decision to remain anonymous. It isn’t just a preference to let their work speak for itself rather than let personality take over, it’s essential to their undercover work. How they work doesn’t always gather fans, but in my opinion, it should. Over the last 10 years, a lot of change has happened. Undoubtedly more people know more about puppy farms now than then, social media has seen to this. But has it made a real difference, or as part of the growing animal welfare crisis in the UK, has the problem worsened in spite of this? How Close Are We to Ending Puppy Farming in the UK? ClickHere ToRead TheRestOf ThisArticle Photo Credit: Puppy Love Campaigns