Last November the results of an election in Kentucky would take a while to reach all corners of the globe, but when it did, it made the news everywhere. Unlike other election outcomes though, this election would bring a smile to the face of all who read. Meet Brynneth Pawltro, a four year old rescue Pit Bull and Lady Stone, a nine year old Border Collie. Together they make up a team of three canine political figures in the town RealLife… Meet Rabbit Hash’s Pitbull Mayor Brynn & Her Collie Ambassador, Lady of Rabbit Hash. The dogs were elected for the people, by the people, who each donated $1 per vote in a fundraising drive for the town. In the words of Mayor Brynn’s mum “In this election, the people had a choice! The town really went to the dogs.” To find out more about the history of Rabbit Hash and the legacy these two dogs hope to leave, we spoke with Jordie Bamforth and Rob Stone, owners of Mayor Brynn and Lady Stone, respectively. ClickHere ToRead TheRestOf ThisArticle