The fate of 134 dogs and 15 new born puppies has been forever changed after being saved from South Korea’s Bok Nal festival this year when the dog farm owner had a change of heart and called upon help to save the dogs. Once destined to be sold to a dog meat trade market in time for the Bok Nal days festival, the dog farm owner asked the Humane Society International to save the dogs and help him to close his farm in rural Yesan. TalkingPoint… Meet the 149 Dogs Saved from South Korea’s Bok Nal Festival The dogs will now be flown to animal shelters across America to help them find new homes and the 15 puppies and their mums will follow shortly when the young pups are old enough. Until then, they will be kept safe in foster homes. This is the ninth dog meat farm that the international organisation has permanently closed since 2014, rescuing and rehoming nearly 1,000 dogs by working in cooperation with dog meat farmers keen to get out of the trade - a move to help encourage and inspire long term change by offering support and guidance as an incentive to change their path and save future dogs from the fate millions have already suffered. ClickHere ToRead TheRestOf ThisArticle Photo Credit: Jean Chung/For HSI