Welcome... Welcome to K9 Magazine’s 105th issue! We are delighted to bring you the latest edition and as always, we’ve been working hard to bring you a selection of features we hope you’ll enjoy as you read at home or on the move. This issue we speak with LA based model, Autumn Adele who tells us just how important her dog was in bringing her out of the depression which saw her housebound for six months. We also speak with the owners of two of the dogs in public office in Kentucky’s Rabbit Hash to find out more about their town’s history of appointing canine mayors. Plus, author Jacqueline Sheehan tells us why some of our favourite books have dogs at the heart of the story and we find out more about one of the season’s biggest threats - fleas, and how to spot them. But before you get started, this video is a must watch... To see more dog videos, visit www.DogVideos.co Ryan O’Meara Editor K9 Magazine In This Issue... Talking Point: How Close Are We to Ending Puppy Farming in the UK? Real Life: Autumn Adele - ‘My Dog Saved Me from Depression’ Nutrition: 5 Ways to Tell If Raw Is Right for Your Older Dog Health: 6 Ways to Help Dogs With Separation Anxiety Real Life: Meet Rabbit Hash’s Pitbull Mayor Brynn & Her Collie Ambassador, Lady Book Club: Why Dogs Are Important to Fictional Stories Reviews: Pet Tech & Gadgets Put to the Test Health: How to Tell If Your Dog Has Fleas Travel: Are the Yorkshire Dales as Dog Friendly as This Celebrity Expected? Talking Point: Meet the 149 Dogs Saved from South Korea’s Bok Nal Festival eBook: All You Need to Know About Booster Vaccinations & much, much more exclusively online! Click Here to Play the Video