RealLife... Autumn Adele is a model living in Los Angeles. To the outside world, moving to LA to launch her career 10 years ago was an exciting time. And she admits it was. But it was also the beginning of a new bout of depression that saw her cut herself off from the world. It was only when she rescued Wetherly from a local animal shelter that her life began to return to some kind of normality, which she doesn’t think would have happened – or wouldn’t have happened when it did – if it weren’t for her rescue pup. Even nowadays when it’s more talked about than ever before, mental health issues still have a stigma around them. You might not even know when someone’s suffering because what you see will be what they want you to see. It might not be the true picture of emotions going on behind the face put on to the outside world. Photo Credit: @RevolvePhotog How the Dog I Rescued Ended up Saving My Life Turn The Page