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Lifestage Dog Food: Special Report

Lifestage dog food - is it worth it?

It is a simple fact that what you put into your dog is reflected in how they look, act and feel. Getting the right balance of nutrients is not entirely simple and depends on a seemingly endless amount of variables such as breed, activity level, age and medical condition.

Life stage foods are quite a modern phenomenon, developed to offer a more tailored approach to feeding your dog. The theory behind life stage foods is that they go much further than simply satisfying the nutritional needs of a dog in a particular age group. So do they really work or are they a marketing gimmick? Are you ignoring life stage foods to the detriment of your dog’s health?
What are canine life stages? For the purposes of pet foods, life stages are split into three groups, and then divided again to make allowances for breed size and activity level. Whether you plan to feed your dog a natural diet or follow the advice of pet food manufacturers to the letter, you need to be aware of how different life stages effect the nutritional requirements of your dog.

This is a 3,200 word article including contribution from pet nutrition professionals and a case study and downloadable report

Lifestage dog food - is it worth it?

Claire Robinson-Davies of Purina pet care explains the importance of life stage diets. “The energy needed to support a dog as it goes through various life stages relates to physical demand and an individual dog’s metabolic rate. Certain life stages – gestation, lactation, growth – as well as hard work require energy above that of an average adult dog. Other life stages, such as the geriatric period, may require less energy.

The nutritional needs of dogs may also change with Lifestage Dog Food: Special Report

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John Bell

    December 10, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    Max (Maximilian Bell) is 101 days old today… and is simply a joy! I had determined to train him as a dog with all the common commands…. sit, stay, heel, here, over, fetch and so forth…. but I am finding myself talking to him more as a human than a dog and he understand…. clearly things like… “Ring the Bell” (to go outside… a small bell hanging from the door handle), “Get in your house” (to return to his crate) “Come here”, “Go get it”, “Bring it here”, “Go Pee”, “Go Poop”, “What a good boy!” “That’s so bad!” “Don’t bite” “Time to sleep” and it is so uncanny how he really and truly understands everyone of these. A friend challenged me on the “Pee” and “Poop” and so I showed him. Took Max outside with no commands and he just played. As soon as I told him to “Pee” his did so… then I told him to “Poop” and he did so… Of course, admittedly it was time for these things… within an hour of his last meal… He is totally on schedule every day… and as I guess you can tell… I truly love this guy! (Maybe it’s cause I’m older now and can spend so much time with him!)

    By the way… love the magazine!

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