5 Valuable Life Lessons from Dogs – And Why We Should Pay Attention

There's no better animal on earth from which learn valuable life lessons than dogs. Dogs have achieved their status as our planet's most popular pet for good reason. Choosing to follow what dogs do to lead a happy life is a guaranteed way to improve the way you see the world around you.

Whether your dogs are eating a bowl of food, or playing or having tantrums, they always live for the present moment. There are lots of things our dogs teach us. And these are without any real effort on their part.

Dogs have been a constant source of love and amusement for almost all of us. Even more so, they have taught us some of the greatest and best life lessons.

5 Valuable Life Lessons from Dogs - And Why We Should Pay Attention

Find out how you and I can both take some valuable life lessons from the way dog's live and why we should pay attention to how they interact with the world around them. There's a reason why they call them, man's best friend!

How dogs cope with conflict

Dogs do get into disagreements. They learn their own coping skills to effectively deal with their conflicts. There are a few different ways your dog resolves a conflict.

5 Valuable Life Lessons from Dogs - And Why We Should Pay Attention

One of which is they turn and walk away when they are annoyed. This will help them resolve their spats without resorting to teeth and claws. This is especially when they've gotten into fights before.

Dogs do have a few manners too. It is a great way to allow them to remove themselves from situations where fear or anger or anxiety might escalate into aggression. This is good when your dog learns to back off if another dog snarls at him.

How dogs win friends and why humans love them

They are capable of expressing remorse and unconditional love. This helps humans see them as family members as well. Regular activities such as walking, playing ball, and watching TV together increases the feeling of family closeness between humans and dogs.

5 Valuable Life Lessons from Dogs - And Why We Should Pay Attention

Both dogs and humans benefit from bonding with each other.

Dogs are extraordinarily attentive to human emotions. They understand human speech as well. They would know when their human family members are happy, sad, angry, or jealous.

How dogs cope with a physical disability

Dogs who can’t see, hear, or have trouble walking don’t know that they are different. They usually have just a little trouble adapting to such circumstances. They live in their moment and simply adapt to their given condition.

In whatever circumstances the dogs got their physical disability, either by birth, illness, accident, or ageing process, they have much to give and teach us about resilience and love without judgment.

5 Valuable Life Lessons from Dogs - And Why We Should Pay Attention

How dogs seize the day and enjoy life

Dogs adore activities. Their crazy cheerfulness mostly displays at the very whisper of a walk. Most dogs love to play with other dogs, and their elation is so intense as to seem almost tangible as they frolic together.

5 Valuable Life Lessons from Dogs - And Why We Should Pay Attention

Dogs show kindness that could do great for another dog or for another person having a hard time. Even something as simple as a bark or wagging his tail or rubbing their head against you is a step in spreading good energy.

How dogs use their intelligence to win at life

Dogs use their intelligence to their advantage. It is to adapt to different situations. Also to do what’s needed to accomplish in various tasks and to survive.

5 Valuable Life Lessons from Dogs - And Why We Should Pay Attention

We often embroider our dogs’ abilities by regarding it as being caused by special powers or some sort of like those things. However, dogs are, in fact, smart and deeply emotional beings.


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Dogs come to us with so much amazing active minds, a great sense of humour, and significant smartness. All dogs for that matter are smart in their own ways. They serve their own needs and they demonstrate their intelligence all the time.

5 Valuable Life Lessons from Dogs - And Why We Should Pay Attention

How dogs live well

Year in and year out, dog owners have gotten more conscious about their dog’s health. As we can see over the years, dog food trends tend to mirror human food trends.


It's something more dog owners are researching. Searches like grain-free, antioxidant-rich, cold pressed dog food seems to be all over search engines.

Grain-free dog food is becoming much more popular. Just take a look at this steady, growing interest in grain free dog food:

Rising interest in grain free dog food

The thought of eliminating grains from our dog’s diet is quite a good one. Grains, after all, like other starches have a negative impact on our dog’s gut health.

They also create insulin resistance and cause inflammation. Dogs don’t actually need grains in their diet. In the wild, dogs will eat pretty much anything. But their diet is largely made up of high protein food sources (normally meat).

Grains also feed yeast. Yeast is a normal flora of your dog’s body. However, dogs have allergies when consuming grains and starches. Grains may cause the yeast to multiply throughout the body and causes the dog’s itching.

It’s not just the grains that are causing yeast and allergy symptoms. Actually, it’s all kinds of starches.

There are several different ways to keep your dog healthy and energetic.

Don’t forget that the food you feed is one of the most important factors. Making wise and healthy choices, whether they’re trendy or not, is always critical.

The larger point here is that this trend shows dog owners are out there, doing research, learning and trying to make sure their dogs are getting the very best nutrition based on the highest quality nutrition guidance available to them.

In short, we all want our dogs to live longer. We all wants our dogs to be as healthy as they possibly can be. The three ways we achieve this on their behalf are:

  1. Diet and nutrition
  2. Good quality exercise
  3. The best quality veterinary care available (most easily achieved through having a comprehensive pet insurance policy)


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